Missed out on heated flooring

When I first bought my house I was debating on heated flooring.

I already was having the carpets ripped up in every room in the house and replacing them with tile.

Turns out tile is the best kind of flooring for radiant heat. Carpet absorbs the warmth and isn’t as good. In order to install heated flooring, you need to rip up the old floors. It was like I had everything perfect for radiant heating. I crunched some numbers and it looked like my flooring budget would double if I added heated floors. I also didn’t like that it would raise my floors and add weight to them. Also, I had contractors in my home everyday ripping up floors and laying tile down. I didn’t want to add another stage to the process and make it take even longer. I figured I lived down south where heating isn’t really a necessity. I also had a working heating system in the house. So what does it matter? Well I regret it now that I didn’t get heated flooring. My floors are all brand new tile and I can’t add heated flooring without destroying them. It is too late. I found out that tile floors are quite cold. I am constantly wearing shoes and slippers. I also tossed rugs down the floors because I couldn’t stand the cold. I basically covered up all my new work. Wouldn’t you know it, my current heating system is also acting up too. I am really regretting not taking the time to do radiant heat.


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