Loving the new sunroom with heating and cooling

When we moved to our new home after we retired, I was sort of skeptical about having a sunroom. But my wife had her heart set on having a place with a big sunroom. To me, that sort of was superfluous. I mean here we were moving to a region where it was all about sun and blue sky. You can simply walk out the door to get all that. And I was wondering just what it would be like in the summer without air conditioning. Well, we found that out real quick that first summer. We moved to our new place in April and my mid May, the sunroom was simply off limits for me. My wife, who loves the heat, still spent time out there but by mid June, she too was done with the sunroom. That’s sort of defeating the purpose of having a sunroom in my opinion. That first summer, we sort of left it that way and enjoyed the sunroom all fall. But then, I noticed that we were avoiding the sunroom in the morning during the winter because it was a bit chilly out there. For sure, the winter is super mild but the sunroom has zero insulation and morning was one of our favorite times to be out there. That’s when we decided it was time to talk with an HVAC professional about heating and cooling in the sunroom. At first, I thought they might just extend the ductwork from the main HVAC unit. But the HVAC contractor explained that our HVAC equipment wasn’t big enough to take on all that added air volume. So we had a ductless heat pump installed just in the sunroom. That was the ticket.

Cooling system