Long summer on the road comes with plenty of good HVAC cooling

When you’re starting up a business, there is plenty of planning and strategizing to do in order get the thing off the ground.

For me, I spent more than a dozen years inside the zone controlled HVAC of a corporate office honing my skills.

Still, I was always planning to go out on my own. That took about 3 years of saving, planning and preparation. So when it was time to leave the zone controlled HVAC of that corporate office, I was all in with my business. And this summer, that has meant staying out on the road. My business is essential me and three other support people I’ve hired. They are a great team and do super work. But I’m the one who is out there closing deals and initiating services onsite. So that meant a lot more time out of the air conditioning of the office than I thought. And when I say office, I mean the quality heating and air inside my home office. The rest of the team works remotely as well and we gather at my place when we have to do a face to face every month or so. Instead of just flying all over, I decided to take to the road this summer and just stay out here. It’s so much better expenses wise and I’m able to cover so much more ground. Plus, I’m really lucky to have found great air conditioning at all the motels I’m staying in just off the interstate. They are always clean, affordable and the HVAC cooling is on point. That’s really all I need til I get back home.



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