Local dining spot needs big time air conditioning help

The first time we visited was late May.

So the food is amazing. The service outstanding and atmosphere is lovely. But air conditioning in a new eatery in town is just almost non-existent. How someone could open a fine dining establishment this far south and not have top quality HVAC cooling is something I just can’t get my head around. For sure, I can be a bit critical when it comes to restaurants. My wife and I spent our career in the hospitality industry so we are definitely into food and beverage. Of course, we both did a stint in food & beverage in order to get a bit of all facets of the hotel business. And it was just part of it if you wanted to reach the zone controlled HVAC of the corporate offices. That was our aim and that’s what we did. So I’m aware that I can be hyper critical when it comes to fine dining. Yet, if I’m going to leave the quality heating and air of my home and spend that sort of money on dinner, it better be close to perfect. This restaurant, which opened a few months ago, certainly has every element when it comes to being a first rate eatery. So how do you not have proper commercial HVAC? That is just a staggering blunder in my opinion. The first time we visited was late May. I was sweating from lack of HVAC cooling before the appetizers got to the table. We tried again and it was the same scenario of not enough air conditioning. I wrote the owners a note that we wouldn’t be back nor would we recommend their place until the commercial HVAC was addressed.

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