Leave it to the HVAC contractor

There are so many moving parts when it comes to building a house that it gets really tough to follow them all.

But the best homes come from those homeowners who are involved in the build project itself.

And getting a bit of knowledge about how a home build should proceed first is something I would highly recommend. I would also highly recommend working with contractors you don’t have to hover over. During our build, the HVAC contractor was just that sort of HVAC professional. Our general contractor was not onsite all that often so we dealt with the foreman mostly. And we made sure to get to know each of the subcontractors. The HVAC contractor was someone we spotted as a complete professional right away. He had a complete grasp of the heating and cooling design and HVAC equipment that we had agreed to. But he was also very engaging on the finer details that weren’t in the blue prints and designs. He went over those heating and air conditioning elements with us to assure that we understood and signed off on any changes. Basically, we knew that we could completely and totally trust the HVAC contractor to have our best interest. Our HVAC contractor just wanted to provide us with the best heating and cooling that he could. And this also freed us up to pay closer attention to the subcontractors who weren’t as forth coming and needed more supervision. All in all, I’d say the home build project was worth the time, energy and emotional investment. Having a great HVAC contractor really made a difference for us.


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