It’s best to live as separately as possible

When I was younger I was unquestionably obsessed with the plan of falling in love.

I believe it’s hard not to be after the two of us are raised in a culture that is obsessed with romance.

I grew up in the era of successful rom-coms and they unquestionably put some unhealthy ideas in my head about how relationships work. Specifically, they tell you that falling in love is the hard part! Once you have found your partner, everything works out prefer a fairy tale ending. I am here to tell you that that is unquestionably not true. Nobody should be expecting perfection from their partner or life fulfillment. In fact, I have realized that the best option for myself and others is to live as separately from my partner is possible. This might sound cold.., but that has sort of the problem. I realized a long time ago that my husband and I have easily unusual indoor air temperature control needs. He is easily warm blooded and he cares about to run the air conditioning system component all year round. I swear to God in the dead of Wintertide he would rather use the air conditioning system plan than open a window. Personally, I believe the exact opposite about the indoor air temperature. I like it to be rather warm and stagnant inside the house because my body is constantly chilly, every one of us spent many years bickering back and forth about the air temperature control settings on the temperature control. I suppose that the two of us put our heating and cooling plan through a lot of abuse with the up-and-down temperature changes. Then, the two of us realized that it was best to invest in a few mini-split ductless heating and cooling systems. Every one of us spend our time in separate locations around the house, but at least the two of us are both comfortable.



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