It doesn’t take all that much effort to ease the load on the HVAC

Until I owned my own house and embraced my adult responsibilities, I was one of those people who needed instant gratification.

  • If I couldn’t have it now, I didn’t want it.

That was such a weird way to be but that’s the way I was. I couldn’t hardly be patient enough to let the air conditioning cool down my apartment. Literally, I would sit in my car with the air conditioning running until I thought the HVAC cooling in my apartment had run long enough. Sometimes, I just scratch my head when it comes to this sort of thing. But becoming a grown person has a way of changing those type of immature antics. I know that’s what happened to me. Simply owning a home forced me to think about a bigger picture and down the road. Like the fact that I needed to get several more years out of the old HVAC equipment before replacing it. This took some planning and getting proactive to make happen. The HVAC equipment got regular and consistent HVAC maintenance so I knew that would be a plus in the longevity department. The HVAC technician figured I could make my goal but I could also benefit the situation by easing the load on the heating and cooling equipment. So I sealed the house super tight to keep all the heating and cooling inside and not let it leak out. Then, I got serious about thermostat setting discipline. No more over cooling or over heating at all. Plus, I made sure that the HVAC air filter was changed every month on time to give the HVAC all the air flow it needed. We are closing in on that date now and have even picked out the new HVAC equipment. And that’s thanks to a little planning and some getting busy.

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