Indoor air quality checks are important for allergy sufferers

It is important to consistently improve indoor air quality, especially for people that suffer from allergy and asthma symptoms.

Allergies are often problematic when the pollen and mold count is high. Other indoor pollutants can cause problems like dust mites, mildew, and pet dander. There are several different ways that you can help to improve the indoor air quality in your home. It is important to ventilate the indoor areas. It is also important to use indoor air cleaners like air purification systems. Allergies can occur in a number of places. Some of the main sources for indoor allergens include bedding, pets, furniture, mattresses, and stuffed toys. The allergens attack these items and stay hidden. Since these items are not frequently washed, the allergen count is often much higher. Air cleaning devices can absolutely help improve the air quality and get rid of allergens. I have always suffered from allergy symptoms and they are at their peak during the spring when all of the flowers are blooming. A few years ago I decided to buy a medical grade air purifier for my apartment. That medical grade air purifier includes a high-energy particulate air filter otherwise known as a HEPA filter. This air filter traps 99.9% of all indoor allergens. As long as I change the filter monthly, most of the allergens and indoor pollutants are contained. The air cleaning machine wasn’t very inexpensive and it’s easy to find the machines at the hardware store for under $200. There are even some nice machines that have UV light sensors too.

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