I need a lot of air quality products to survive

If I lived during the cavemen days I would totally be wiped out.

  • I am not a survival of the fittest type of gal.

I am healthy, active and intelligent. However, my body is pretty weak. For example, air quality is a killer for me. I have just about every indoor air quality product there is on the market. I have a humidifier that pairs with my heating system in the wintertime due to my dry skin. The added moisture in the air quality really makes the house feel warmer. The heater doesn’t need to be set as high and I don’t get chapped lips, bloody noses or dry skin anymore. I use a dehumidifier with my AC in the summertime. This is to prevent bugs and mold growth in the house. It also helps me not get sick during the summertime or get horrible acne. All year around I rely on an air purification system that is installed in my return ducts. It removes smells and dust from the indoor air quality. Even with all these things going, I do get sick from time to time. I have to use sensitive skin lotion, unscented soap, sensodyne toothpaste and I use special detergent for my clothing. I could very easily break out in a rash. Can you imagine me in the wild? I don’t think I could live without HVAC but living without indoor air quality cleaners would be tough as well. Sometimes as small as dust could really affect my day to day living.

Whole home air purification