I have a sassy smart thermostat

I think I got the sassy smart thermostat.

They say that a smart thermostat learns your heating and cooling behaviors to make it easier for you.

That way you neve have to touch your thermostat app on your phone or manually adjust it again. My thermostat is such a turd about making a heating and cooling schedule. I think it just does whatever it wants and sometimes makes a program that I hate to be mean. Why else would I suddenly have no heating at 3am in the wintertime? The thermostat then will crank the heating system around 3pm during the day when I am not even in the house. I had to go into my thermostat app to delete the program it set because it was such a mess. Now it is summer and I think my thermostat has detected I don’t like AC. It is constantly turning on my air conditioner. I just want the house to be at 75 degrees, is that so hard? I frequently wake up to my AC clicking on and feel cold. I then see it has the temperature set at 70 degrees for me! I also noticed that midday just changes my 75 degree setting to 73. Why would it do that? I have deleted its program again but I don’t trust my smart thermostat. I think it is just being a big turd and thinks it is funny. I read online that my thermostat could be trying to make an energy efficient home. Wll I would like to waste my money please.

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