I hate the air conditioning

I’ll admit it, I have something against AC.

I never want the air conditioning on. When my husband goes on a company trip, the air conditioning goes off. I open the windows, let a fresh breeze in plus just care about being warm. During the Summer it is horrible with the A/C use. He wants the temperature control set so low. I can’t sit it. It literally drives myself and others out of the house. I frequently work resting outside in 71 degree weather because I feel it is a better temperature outside than inside. Anytime the two of us pack up to go somewhere, it is a fight if the two of us have vehicle A/C too. He prefers to shut all the windows plus blast the cooling system to the maximum setting. I feel sick after a whole vehicle ride of that. If I just open the windows, apparently that is not enough cooling. I get sick of A/C after a while. I get pounded with it in my house, I get it in the car, in steakhouses plus at the films. Aren’t there other people like myself and others that don’t care about coling? I am from the north plus never had an air conditioning before. My family lived with three strange gas heating systems but no air conditioning. It never got hotter than 71 degrees in our house. It also was about 1 week of heat in the summer. I thought I would care about air conditioning more now that I live down south. It is the same thing with me. I never want to have the cooling system on. I would much rather be too tepid than too cold.


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