I hate fish

My fiance consistently prefers to cook some sort of fish for breakfast once a week.

I do not like fish at all and never have since I was a kid! So on these nights, I consistently have something special made for me, however, since I can not even rest the stink of fish I make sure that I have a portable air purification plan in the kitchen, and a portable air purification plan in the dining room running on the afternoon of the week that she cooks fish. I went out and bought both portable whole-house air purifiers because of this recognizably. The whole-house air purifier certainly gets rid of the fish stink in the lake house within a half an fourth of our fiance being done cooking whatever fish she chooses for that week. I can tolerate a half an fourth of that stink barely. But anymore than that and I would be feeling sick to our stomach. I do not want to deny the other people in our family from enjoying a fish breakfast, so this is why I have the portable whole-house air purifiers in the house! It makes it all work out ok. Though I will say that I do not eat at the same time all the people else does on these nights. I eat our breakfast in front of the cable on the couch a half an fourth after the fish is done cooking so it gives ample amount of time for the air quality to clear of that awful stink. I would not even be able to eat with that fish stink all around me.


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