I got suspended for three day after my boss found out I was dating a client

Last year, one of the employees at work was accused of sexual harassment.

That guy thought one of our HVAC repair clients was flirting. He asked the woman for her phone number. When she refused, he said she was being a tease. The guy ended up being fired and our boss gave us a half-day seminar on dealing with the clients. There is now a very strict rule that we cannot interact with our clients personally. There is absolutely no mingling with the HVAC clients. When my boss found out that I was breaking the rules, I got suspended for 3 days. I probably would have gotten fired, but my girlfriend came to my rescue. She insisted that she hounded me for weeks and weeks before I agreed to give her my phone number. That is 100% the truth. When the HVAC commercial customer approached me, I immediately shut her down and told her there is a strict rule about dating clients. She told me that she would find a different company to handle the heating and air conditioning repairs if I agreed to take her out to dinner. I didn’t want to lose the business and it seemed like a crazy deal, so I agreed to dinner and that led to a movie. We spend nearly every day together and the lady is totally amazing. I knew it was worth the risk, but I’m still glad I didn’t lose my job when the boss found out. I think we might have a future together if things continue to go well.

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