I decided to give away free air filters to our clients

I own an Heating and A/C supplier here in neighborhood and I entirely love our clients, and i’ve been residing here and working here for the last twenty years, and so I’m pretty invested in the community.

I try and give back to the community whenever I can, since they have been so wonderful at supporting our heating and cooling supplier for so long now, but anyway, during the shutdown for coronavirus, I decided that I wanted to do our section to help people out! Everyone has been so scared and paranoid about their indoor air conditions that I have sold completely out of rest alone media air cleaners and all of our UV light air cleaners too.

Everyone seems to guess that if they have a UV light media air cleaner, then they are going to be safe from all viruses and bacteria. It’s tscheme that when you have an media air cleaner love this one installed, you are much less likely to get any dangerous microorganisms in your ventilation method at home… However, you can still option up germs from anywhere else that you go… That’s just how the world works. Thankfully, most of us have immune systems that are able to fight off just about anything that you might come in contact with. Even so, I decided to offer free air filters to all of our clients here in town, however you can just drive by our Heating and A/C supplier office and option one up that will fit your gas furnace or cooling system system, free of charge; Offering free air filters is the least I can do during this time to help out our community!

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