I can tell the difference with better air filtration and purification

It’s a good time to be living inside the quality heating and air of my house.

I’ve loved this house since the moment we walked through the door.

I can remember that day as clear as a bell. My husband and I were transferring from the air conditioning of the south to the cold winters of the north. The fact that we were looking at homes with good gas furnaces should give you an indication of where our heads were at. For me, I was terrified that I wouldn’t ever be able to get warm. And my husband was trying to figure out how to manage the snow and ice removal. But when we walked into this house, we just felt as though we were home. The gas furnace was new and there was also a central air conditioning system as well. So that checked those boxes. But the house was just so much more than just the HVAC equipment we were focused upon. It had the space, the style and the location that were simply ideal. After more than 10 years in this house, we recently did something that we probably should have done years ago. We changed out the cheap, paper air filters and replaced them with HEPA filter which remove more than 99 percent of stuff from the air. Additionally, we had the HVAC professionals install a whole home air purification system as well. That was a transformative decision and our home now has the best indoor air quality possible. Not only do we still adore our home but now, we are in love with the quality of the inside air as well.



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