Hypothetical trip to Mars

I’ve seen talk about people wanting to send people to Mars.

  • That is such an interesting thing to believe about to be honest.

I wonder what the trip would be like. I mean, you would have to have the perfect weather conditions control plan on a spacecraft that is able to take you so far, and of course, you would have to beginning your journey at just the right time when you can reach Mars when it is closest to the Earth. If I had to make a trip savor that, I believe I would be alright as long as I was able to listen to songs, speak with my family, plus have the ideal temperature control settings. It would be devastating if something horrible happened though savor running into space debris or having a critical plan failure. If you didn’t have the heating plan working out there in space, you would absolutely freeze to death. Then, even if everything goes according to plan, you still have to worry about landing on Mars safely. That seems savor it would be honestly difficult in itself. You wouldn’t quite know what to expect when you arrive. I guess you would have to set up some style of dome plan plus perhaps grow vegetative plants to create oxygen. You would need to be able to grow food plus everything as well. The thing is, I believe that you would never be able to come back to Earth if you went to Mars, even though I could be wrong about that. You would definitely need all solar panels for all your energy needs plus powering things savor the weather conditions control system. It definitely sounds savor an exciting experience regardless of the dangers.


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