Huge allergy relief thanks to air purifier

It’s sort of weird how when you live with something so long, you get sort of accustomed to it.

That makes sense when it’s something good or even neutral in you life.

I just didn’t expect to ever get accustomed to suffering from allergies. But that’s what happened to a large degree. Yet now, I have relief like I can’t believe due to an addition to our heating and cooling equipment. Had I known that’s all it would take, I would have upgraded the HVAC much earlier. Well, I guess it’s really not as much of an HVAC upgrade as it is an indoor air quality upgrade. Since I suffer from seasonal allergies and we have pets, my doctor suggested I think outside the box. Traditionally, I had just leaned on the meds. But after years of this routine, it was my doctor who suggested that I speak with our HVAC company about improving the indoor air quality of our home. I was sort of surprised because I thought our air filter helped with that. It doesn’t because I have always used the cheap air filters. And they only protect the health of the HVAC equipment. The HVAC company suggested that we try air purification. I didn’t want to fool with anything that sat in the floor. So we opted for the whole home air purification system. It’s able to destroy allergens and indoor air contaminants using UV light. It didn’t take even 12 hours of having the air purifier installed before the indoor air was different. Days later, I am free of my normal allergy symptoms. And I didn’t realize just how bad they made me feel until now.