How working from home changed how I interacted with the HVAC installation

When the head of HR announced that we would be working from home till further notice, I was elated.

It would save much time I would otherwise use for getting ready and in traffic.

The first day felt off because I was not used to working from my house the whole day. I, however, got used to it. The first week went by without incident, and I was slowly getting into the new routine. During the weekend, I noticed that the air quality had reduced, which all had to do with the heating device. The house was getting hotter by the minute. I tried to fidget with the thermostat to get a quality air conditioner to reduce the heat, but nothing happened. I was not very conversant with anything to do with the cooling industry, so I relied entirely on the air conditioning provider. Calls to the air conditioning company went unanswered since it was the weekend. I settled for the portable fan. Come Monday; I was able to schedule much-needed HVAC maintenance. After checking the unit, the air conditioning technician found the problems behind the malfunction. He established that it required air conditioning repair, and one part of the multi-split air conditioning unit needed replacement. I realized that if I was going to work from home, I might as well have the indoor comfort business on speed dial and probably make friends with an a/c serviceman or two. Learning more about air conditioning would also help my case. I would be able to fix minor issues related to the HVAC installation. I would enjoy all the perks of being at home most of the time. Time wasted stuck in traffic would be spent making healthy home-cooked meals.

Heater technician