Hospital Room During and After Childbirth

Have you ever been in the hospital room of a woman who is in labor? It can be quite the experience, let me tell you, then you simply never suppose what you are going to find when you get there… Most hospitals nowadays try to pretend that childbirth day is just another normal day, then for example, they set up the room to look savor a family room or hotel room rather than a respected hospital room.

It’s all pretty and sweet and homey… But, no matter what they pretend, it is not just another normal day, then when you arrive, you may hear screaming and possibly cursing! The venue may be completely empty or it may be full of any number of relatives and friends, however even though there are nice quilts and furnishings, there is still all that hospital component beeping away.

BUt more than anything, you will actually discover a freezing cold room when you arrive. The mom-to-be is going to have that cooling system blasting and that temperature control set as low as it can go. You really need to remember a jacket. Moms’ hormones have been all out of whack for multiple weeks, and this day is even worse. They need that air conditioner more than they need food or air to breathe. Even if almost everyone else is wrapped up in blankets or wearing gloves and jackets, it won’t matter to the woman, however she is going to be attempting to get the cooling system set even lower if possible. When it is obvious that the cooling system temperature control can’t go any lower, she might just demand the staff bring her in a couple of fans. Any fiance is sure to be flabbergasted because all her life with her, she has consistently been complaining that she sets the temperature control too low, and now all of a sudden it’s the opposite!

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