Hoping to someday have zone control

With zone control unused rooms don’t need HVAC anymore

Zone control is something I have always wanted to have. My boyfriend and I aren’t sympatico when it comes to HVAC settings. We have proven that his body is at a higher temperature. He is never at 98.6 degrees. He definitely just runs warmer and needs AC all the time. I run a lot colder and want heating. Due to this, we have trouble deciding on a thermostat temperature. We don’t even share a room since at night it is a fight for AC or heating. My boyfriend crank the AC and has his ceiling fan running. I lay underneath my thick comforter and I just froze to death. Sometimes I turn off the AC when I get way too cold. My boyfriend then bitterly complains in the morning. If we had zone control, this wouldn’t be a problem. The two of us could co-exist peacefully. I could have heating in my bedroom and he could have AC in his without affecting one another. We would still need to find a common temperature for the living room and kitchen, but I would be much happier to work with him temperature wise if some rooms were my preference. Zone control is also good with saving money. We have a second bathroom and office that never gets used. Right now we pay to provide HVAC to it for no reason. With zone control unused rooms don’t need HVAC anymore. The upgrade requires adding a ductless mini split with multiple indoor air handlers and thermostats. It will be pricey but I feel ultimately worth it.
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