Hoping our luck will hold with the heat pump this summer

So we are almost to the halfway point as the end of July is just around the corner.

This means that we’re just about to the midpoint in heat season.

I’m so pleased to have gotten to this point and I only hope we get the rest of the way. We were told, during the air conditioning tune-up early this spring, that our HVAC equipment was reaching the end of its heating and cooling productivity. That caught us a bit off guard although it shouldn’t have. My wife and I are both well aware that we’ve been in this house for more than two decades now. And we had that HVAC equipment installed when we first bought the place. But with the consistent HVAC maintenance from the HVAC service plan that we belong to, we’ve never had a problem. I guess maybe we just fooled ourselves into thinking that the quality heating and air would just last forever. So we had a decision to make when we got the new from the HVAC professional that the heat pump was at the end. Given that we are now empty nesters, we were considering selling the house in the fall. Having the HVAC equipment at the end sort of pushed us as we’ll incorporate the residential HVAC upgrade into the other improvements to get the house listed. But we are rolling the dice that we’ll be able to make it through the summer with the old air conditioning. We’re halfway there and the old HVAC unit is still holding up. We’ve reduced the load on it so we’re hopeful we can get to fall when we do all the other renovations prior to getting the house on the market.

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