HOA just isn’t understanding simple HVAC problem

I guess it’s a slow week at the HOA enforcement board.

It didn’t take even 24 hours before they had a note taped to my front door about the HVAC equipment.

That note was then followed by several email over the course of several days. And these were not congenial emails in any way, shape or form. I was being threatened with a daily fine of up to $200 dollars a day because the HVAC equipment alongside my home was partially visible from the street. This is a big no no apparently. I’m not exactly sure what’s so offensive about a heat pump but man, did they overreact. What happened was that I sort of muffed the trimming of a hedge on the side of the house. This is a privacy hedge that has been in need of some grooming for a long time. Instead of calling a landscaping service, I had at it myself with some loaner hedge clippers from a friend. For me, I like getting outside and out of the air conditioning to take care of my own lawn. Most of the people in the neighborhood don’t do that. But, I hadn’t really trimmed a big hedge before and it took be a bit to get it even. The result was that I ended up taking a bit too much off the top and that is what has sent the HOA into such a tizzy. I called to explain but they are having none of it. They expect me to actually put up a special sort of fencing until the hedge leafs out more in a couple of months. That’s insane and they’ll just have to deal with seeing my HVAC unit.



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