Heater price was discounted due to damaged box

I don’t understand some people’s logic.

You see, this morning I was at the heating and cooling store.

I was there because I was out of my HEPA air filters, and I was there to pick up some more. While I was there checking out my air filters, I noticed there was a box behind the HVAC representative. When I asked about the box, the HVAC worker told me that it was a return of a space heater because the box was damaged. The price was discounted and was going to be returned to the shelf soon. I saw an opportunity and I pounced. I asked if I could go ahead and buy it at the discounted price. The guy said he hadn’t put the space furnace in their system yet, but he could probably get it approved by the manager. Sure enough, the manager was able to approve of the transaction, and just like that, I had myself a brand new area heater. While I was driving home, I couldn’t believe someone would return a heating unit because of a damaged box, or really any item that has a damaged box. Who cares about the box? You are going to throw it away anyways. When I arrived home, I took the heating component out of the box and turned it on. The heating machine immediately turned on and started working perfectly, it made the entire room I was in nice and toasty warm. I still can’t believe someone gave up a perfectly good heating device, all because they didn’t like the box.

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