He was told to go to a honey farm for the best honey

Honey cereal, honey toast and a much better honey baked ham.

Since he can remember, Drake has purchased honey at the store. He liked the taste of the honey and was happy it was within his budget. Drake was expecting some pals to come over, so he made some honey baked ham using some store-bought honey. His pals liked the hamgood, and inquired where Drake bought his honey. Drake didn’t hesitate to say the honey was from the local store. This surprised his pals, and they told him that if he wanted the great stuff, he should go to a honey farm. The honey farms collect from their honey hives and then sell the honey. Drake had never come across a local honey farm, but it turns out there is one not far away from his home. Drake had never heard about it but when he was driving in the area, he passed right by the farm. Drake opted to go to the farm shop to take a look. The variety they had took him by surprise. Drake didn’t know there were so many odd varieties of honey. He wasn’t sure what to choose, but the beekeeping folks let him taste some flavors. This honey cost more, but Drake chose to go ahead and buy a few jars. Now he uses that honey on almost everything he eats. Honey cereal, honey toast and a much better honey baked ham. It’s fantastic. Drake’s pals were right. The store bought stuff is nowhere near as great as the honey from honey farms. Its taste is incredible!

Honey farm