Hard Tornado destroyed our heating and cooling unit

Living at the coast, we were used to tropical storms, however we had to get the condo ready before a storm came inland.

We knew the routine well.

But nothing prepared us for tornados; After some time, our father got a task opportunity in the midwest. We made a move and came face to face with another force of nature; The first year in our new beach condo was the most challenging because the tornado disfigured our Heating and A/C system, however no one had warned us that we needed to secure the outdoor unit before. There was a big lightning storm that knocked the power off. When it came back, a surge overloaded our circuit and caused the Heating and A/C unit to shut down. We hadn’t purchased a surge protector! Once it was calm, we asked our neighbours to contact the best AC serviceman in the area. Dad called them, and an air conditioning system expert arrived at the condo an hour later. She assessed the injury and informed Dad we needed a surge protector for the aircon since the section was prone to tornadoes. The air ventilation professional installed a single in our circuit breaker box, and it would absorb electricity before it reached the air conditioning system. Next, she diagnosed the outdoor unit for any water or wind disfigure. Some water had gotten into the outdoor cooling plan causing problems. It took a while wiping and drying the odd components to have the quality Heating and A/C laboring once more. Then she suggested our dad build a solid and breathable shed to protect the outdoor aircon. It made sense, and dad got to work making sure we never have an issue like that with the central heating and cooling plan again. I was thrilled we got a professional AC mechanic who would come again to service the heating plan in the fall.


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