Getting the best honey from local farms

For several years I went with store bought honey.

I thought the honey tasted pretty good, and price wise it wasn’t that bad.

I was expecting some friends to come over, and so I prepared some honey baked ham using some of the store bought honey. The ham was good, and one of my friends asked where I bought my honey. When I told her that the honey was from the local store, she was surprised. She told me that if I wanted the good stuff, I should go to a honey farm. The honey farms collect from their honey hives and then put honey for sale. I didn’t even know of any local honey farms, but it turns out there is one only a few miles away. I really didn’t think that much of it but when I was doing errands, I passed right by the farm, and so I stopped to take a look. I was surprised at how much variety they had! I didn’t know there were so many different varieties of honey! I wasn’t sure what to choose, but the beekeeping guy let me try the different flavors. Although it was a little bit more expensive, I decided to go ahead and buy a few jars. Now I use that honey on almost everything I eat! Honey cereal, honey toast and definitely my new and improved honey baked ham. It is incredible! And my friend is right, the store bought stuff is nowhere near as good as the honey from honey farms, this stuff is the real deal.


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