Geothermal heat pump the rest of the way

So sometimes you can make all the plans that you want and they are all for naught.

That’s exactly what happened to my wife and I.

For nearly five years prior to us retiring, we put a lot of effort into planning a move and a new chapter. We wanted to ditch the need for HVAC heating and move to a place where the focus of HVAC was on the air conditioning. The older we got, the more we just didn’t want to deal with winter and the high cost of HVAC heating. Moving south was what we had our sights set on. And then, like 8 months before I was ready to walk out of the zone controlled HVAC of our offices for the last time, everything changed. What changed is that we became grandparents and moving to all that air conditioning meant that we weren’t going to be around our grandkids. Initially, we thought that would be okay but that was before there were actually grandkids. So once we laid our eyes on that precious child, the idea of moving to all that air conditioning seemed sort of dumb. We still upgraded the HVAC equipment and the kitchen to sell the house. And we made a bundle because we were lucky enough to hit the housing market at just about the perfect time. So we built a small house just for the two of us. But we went with the geothermal heat pump with it’s radiant floor heating. We’ll be super warm and it won’t cost half as much as running that gas furnace.



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