Forgot to unblock vent all the way

I have some interest in quirks about me, I suppose, like most people do.

I especially have problems whenever it comes to internal thermostat and indoor temperature control.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been cold. I’ve always felt extremely unhappy with the drafts, cold air, and goosebumps that dominate my life. I have always carried around extra layers, from thin sweatshirts all the way up to winter coats. I’ve gotten used to continually rubbing my hands together and keeping hot drinks with me at all times so that I can warm up when my fingers go numb. In short, I’m no stranger to feeling chilly. This can be a major problem, especially when I am sitting around and working on a computer all day. I hate to say, oftentimes, sitting still means that my circulation is inadequately moving warm-blooded to my extremities. I get even colder and I feel the need to protect myself from any indoor air conditioning or drafts from overhead air vents. It’s difficult in a shared office with a shared thermostat and a shared HVAC system, that’s for sure. When I’m at home, I still have to worry about the threat of cold indoor cooling systems, though. In fact, I usually have to totally block the air vent near my desk in order to get any work done. If there is cool air blowing at my feet, I can’t concentrate. I generally shove some pillows next to the air vent and go about my work feeling warmer than before. The problem is, I sometimes forget to remove my air vent blocks. Then I wake up in the middle of the night sweating my butt off. I can’t ever win.