Duplex gets new heating and cooling life

The situation I was looking for finally came along. For some time, I had been looking for a situation where I could own a duplex. This was something that would work out very well for me. I’m single and have a steady job but I’m not rich by any financial measure. The idea was to live in one half of the duplex enjoying my life and HVAC comfort while renting out the other half. I’d essentially be paying my mortgage almost with the rent. That really appealed to me. However, it took a while to find the duplex that I could afford. And of course, that meant a lot of work to be done. It was obvious that the HVAC equipment would need to come out. But upon inspection, I found out that even the ductwork was shot and useless. This changed my plans for just how to replace the HVAC equipment. I wasn’t into the expense of ripping out and then replacing the ductwork in both units. And then replacing both heat pumps would put me at my very limit on that part of my renovation budget. Thankfully, the HVAC company I was working with came up with an very workable alternative. The duplex’s floor plan leant itself to having a pair of ductless heat pumps in both sides of the structure. This would alleviate the need for new ductwork and I could simply leave the old ductwork in place. So that’s exactly what I did. And the ductless heat pumps are just wonderful. They are so efficient and there is no drop off in ventilation power when it comes to the ductless mini split. I couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out.
Air conditioning worker