Ductwork cleaning ends my respiratory distress

For the last two plus years, I’ve been so hyper aware of any change in my health that I’m annoying myself. Of course, it’s all due to the paranoia I have around Covid. Like many others, I hid inside the air conditioning of my home to avoid coming down with this virus. I have some genetic health issues that really put me at high risk. Prior to getting vaccinated, I just didn’t want to leave my home. The folks at work were understanding as I didn’t want to work inside the zone controlled HVAC until there was a vaccine. So I worked from my own air conditioning for 18 months. Finally, I got back to the zone controlled HVAC of the office and a new normal in life. And almost as quick, I came down with a respiratory ailment. I immediately got tested but thankfully, it wasn’t Covid. Still, this respiratory issue stayed with me for weeks. Finally, I went to the doctor. She gave me a prescription that I wasn’t expecting. My doctor thought that my respiratory issue was hanging on due to poor indoor air quality in my home. She wanted me to call the HVAC company and get the ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing done. Once that was completed, I was to change out the old paper air filters for the HEPA filters which remove more than 99 percent of airborne contaminants. I did just what she said and called the HVAC professionals that day. And sure enough, once the ductwork cleaning was done, the respiratory distress I was experiencing just simply went away.

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