Ductless cooling in the dining room plus living room

I live way up north where they say you don’t need to own an air conditioning.

Well technically no, it doesn’t get tepid enough to warrant central A/C in the house… For me, I like having a little AC.

The smartest thing I ever did was add a ductless mini split to the house. I had 1 outdoor air compressor plus more than one indoor air handlers, and one is in the dining room plus the other is directly above the dining room in my living room. In the Winter time the dining room can stay toasty moderate even though it is far from the gas fireplace in the living room. In the Summer I can run the A/C when I have the burners on plus the oven on. It no longer feels like a sweatshop there. The best is having A/C in my living room though. I am going through menopause plus having no A/C was actually rough at first. I couldn’t hardly sleep due to feeling too hot. I would sweat through my sheets plus change them in the middle of the evening. I also would fling off the covers, sweat plus then want them back after I had cooled down. It used to be actually rough getting comfortable. Now when I feel a tepid flash going on, I just use my temperature control remote to turn on the air conditioning. I then get gentle cooling to help myself and others feel a little better. Once I am cooled down, I can turn it off right from my bed; Yes I still wake up plus get disturbed, but now I no longer need to get out of my bed plus change sheets. It is a sign incat improvement in my life.
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