Don’t have to worry about an HVAC professional

There are a million ways to cut corners.

  • And there are millions of people who are actively engaging in cutting those corners.

I like to save money too. But when it comes to cutting corners to save a buck or two, I have been badly burned in the past. There is a saying that goes something like “you get what you pay for” and that is more often the case than not. So I tend to be a bit more cautious when it comes to saving money by cutting a corner. A recent HVAC service is a great example of that. Our air conditioning just wasn’t cooling like we felt it should. The HVAC equipment was indeed running but, it wasn’t really pumping out the HVAC cooling that we expect. And that caused the HVAC unit to cycle on far more than normal. My husband had been briefly discussing this with a neighbor. This neighbor suggested that our problem was simply that the heat pump needed a recharge. So he gave us a number of a guy he knew that could perform this HVAC service and charged a lot less than what the HVAC company charged. This sounded great at first. But then we got to thinking that our HVAC equipment is so essential that it really needed an HVAC professional. And there was no guarantee with the handyman person. An uncertified HVAC repairman was not a corner that we were ready to cut. So we called the HVAC company who sent out a certified HVAC professional. There is no question that we could trust a licensed and certified HVAC professional.

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