Does it matter where you place the central air conditioning?

When renovating my dream house last year, I struggled with the question of where to place my heating and a/c unit.

I had done my research and different units could be placed at different arrears within and without the house or office building.

Most commercial air conditioning systems are placed on the roof near the foundation of a building. Cooling specialists advise placing the residential central air conditioning outside the house where there is free airflow and no trees to keep away the debris that would harm the cooling equipment. The zoned HVAC would most likely be placed in the attic near the roof since it does not use air ducts. Once we attended to a customer’s cooling unit that had been poorly installed in the basement where there was no adequate airflow. The moisture from the vents had formed on the floor where the unit was placed and because the customer had not paid attention to the recommended quality AC service. The HEPA filter was also disgustingly dirty because it had not been changed for a while. Once we changed the location and repaired some issues with the unit, it did help with indoor comfort. He had issues with the unit from when it was a new HVAC system until the installation was redone. The cooling workman had explained that all the issues had stemmed from the wrong location of the unit and the lack of regular HVAC service. The customer had a dial-up controller that was swapped with a more advanced wireless thermostat. The bottom line is that the location of the a/c unit does matter. Homeowners should ensure that they contract technicians to do the installation.


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