Different thermostat settings in houses

It is weird how differently people set their thermostats.

My husband and I set the house to 74 degrees no matter what. If that means AC or heating, who cares. We find that it is the temperature that works best. My goal is never to be wearing pants in my house. I don’t want to use pants because I am so cold in the wintertime due to not enough heating. I also don’t want to put on pants because the AC is set too high. My brothers are very different with their thermostat settings. My one brother never likes to run his HVAC. He feels he is being energy efficient by hardly turning it on. In the summer he keeps his windows open to allow a fresh breeze. His house is always ridiculously hot. We spend most of our time by his pool rather than inside. During the winter I know that I need to bundle up for his house since the heater won’t be on. My other brother definitely likes to be around 69 degrees. In the summer I know to bring a jacket and pants to his house. It is as cold as a movie theater. He must run his AC constantly. He likes to turn off all the lights and close the blinds too. It feels like a little AC cave. The winter time might even be worse at his house than my other brother. We grew up in the same house, how do we have such different HVAC preface ccs? How can their wives stand the cold in the house?

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