Creative travel resulted in great HVAC discovery

Plus, I saved on the cost of the room nights as well

It certainly has been a year of challenges. Honestly, I can’t remember a year that was this challenging in so many ways. But the pandemic and all that brought was really the topper for me. Like many, I initially locked down in the HVAC safety of my home. But as the owner of a business, I simply couldn’t do all of my business from the air conditioning in my house. I had to get onsite with my customers to keep the doors open for my business. And this took a bit of creativity and commitment. There was no way I was getting on an airplane no matter what sort of HEPA air filter system that were purported to have. Nope, it was going to be me getting in the zone controlled HVAC of my SUV and hitting the road. But that also meant that I would be away from my lovely HVAC maintained home for extended periods of time. That was not appealing to me in the least. I like good HVAC and I have had really bad luck at some of the nicer hotels in cities I have flown into. So I was amazed to find that the sort of mid-tier hotels I was staying in off the interstate had steady HVAC. Actually, it was more than steady. The HVAC equipment in these hotels produced heating and cooling comfort on a never miss basis. Now that’st the sort of surprise I like. Plus, I saved on the cost of the room nights as well. Better HVAC comfort and spend less money? Please and thank you for sure.


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