Cindy and her partner wanted a reliable Heating and AC system

When Cindy and her partner spent money on a family lodge for their loved ones, they didn’t know that they would come across so many faults with the heat pump.

Cindy and her partner saw that the heat pump was worked on by certified HVAC experts over the years, but when they wanted to use it, it kept breaking down all the time.

The couple had to rely on the fireplace mostly when the temperatures dropped in the area. In addition, the lodge didn’t have a cooling system. At first, Cindy and her partner thought that was alright because they mostly would go there in the colder season; Eventually, they planned on being at the lodge during the summertime months as well. This meant they had to speak with an HVAC professional. Cindy and her partner were open about wanting to have an HVAC plan they could use in all seasons. This meant getting rid of that old heat pump that was giving them so much grief. The expert advised Cindy and her partner to go for a ductless multi split system. He said if they hooked up a solar panel system, Cindy and her partner could operate the whole HVAC without any faults and not rely on the electric grid as well. Both loved that idea and went for the current ductless multi split plan. They had other local contractors install the solar panels. In a short duration, Cindy and her partner had energy and a dependable HVAC plan to keep them comfortable all seasons. The HVAC expert just told them to make sure to keep up with regular service and clean the washable filters monthly.

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