Bringing the wife and kids to the cabin

I deal with the cold a lot. I work for the state so I’m used to being outdoors all the time. Where we live temperatures are usually cooler all year round. At times it becomes difficult for my family as they do not feel like dealing with the cooler temperatures. My wife is always messing with the heater, my son is constantly complaining and is always walking around with the blanket on. My daughter is more like myself when it comes to the outdoors. She doesn’t work outdoors but loves nature and no matter how cold it gets she will still go for a hike or a run. I did last year pay for an HVAC professional to come out and install heated floors. I must say it’s kind of nice to have heated floors especially when I am outside working. Unfortunately sometimes I step in a puddle or snow gets in my boots but having the heated floors feels extremely nice to warm up my feet. This weekend we get to go see my family at the cabin. The cabin doesn’t have much for heat besides a fireplace. No baseboard heating, just a fireplace. Thankfully my father cleans it out once a year. I really should step up and do it. I go once a year with my wife, son and daughter. My dad never really wanted to do any updates to the cabin because his father owned it and he wants to remember how he grew up. To be honest, when he gives it to me I won’t do any updates as well. My son said if I give it to him he will update it. Maybe as he gets older he’ll change his mind.
New HVAC equipment