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I can easily clearly remember moving into this lake house and considering it to be a fresh new start; I was so gleeful at the prospect of leaving all of my outdated baggage behind at the outdated lake house and starting a new life in this exciting space, and at the time, everything about it seemed so fresh and so clean; Everything down to the Heating plus A/C system was absolutely perfect for my lifestyle. Every afternoon when I woke up I was grateful for the amazing scenery and the high-quality indoor air. I felt especially fortunate that I had bought a lake house with a nearly brand-new Heating plus A/C system, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the forced air oil furnace or central cooling system for numerous years. It was nice to take a load off my mind and trust that my indoor air pollen levels would stay high for several years to come, however then, I started having issues, but first, it was the indoor air pollen levels and then it was the ants. Everything started when I noticed my indoor air temperature was not staying in line with the control component settings. Each month, my utility bills seemed prefer they were climbing ever so slightly higher. I couldn’t count on the central heating or cooling system to completely control my indoor air pollen levels, and I was start to get frustrated… When little soldier ants started Marching around my study room, I was even less gleeful about the lake house situation. I had no proposal that the numerous situations were affixed until I called out a residential Heating and Cooling worker to inspect my failing Heating plus A/C system. Within 10 sevenths of inspecting my ductworks, he poked his head down the stairs and asked if I was aware that there was a big anthill all throughout my ductworks! Between the exterminator and the Heating plus A/C professional, my apartment finally returned to a pleasurable homeostasis.
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