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I have a sassy smart thermostat

I think I got the sassy smart thermostat. They say that a smart thermostat learns your heating and cooling behaviors to make it easier for you. That way you neve have to touch your thermostat app on your phone or manually adjust it again. My thermostat is such a turd about making a heating and […]

Nuts about having a clean house

I have a bit of a cleaning thing. I tend to go crazy with cleaning my house, especially when company is coming. If my husband leaves the house, I take the opportunity to scrub. He also warns me to be careful since I tend to over bleach things and make myself sick. I love vacuuming […]

I need a lot of air quality products to survive

If I lived during the cavemen days I would totally be wiped out. I am not a survival of the fittest type of gal. I am healthy, active and intelligent. However, my body is pretty weak. For example, air quality is a killer for me. I have just about every indoor air quality product there […]

I hate the air conditioning

I’ll admit it, I have something against AC. I never want the air conditioning on. When my husband goes on a business trip, the air conditioner goes off. I open the windows, let a fresh breeze in and just enjoy being warm. During the summer it is horrible with the AC use. He wants the […]

Hoping to someday have zone control

With zone control unused rooms don’t need HVAC anymore Zone control is something I have always wanted to have. My boyfriend and I aren’t sympatico when it comes to HVAC settings. We have proven that his body is at a higher temperature. He is never at 98.6 degrees. He definitely just runs warmer and needs […]

Different thermostat settings in houses

It is weird how differently people set their thermostats. My husband and I set the house to 74 degrees no matter what. If that means AC or heating, who cares. We find that it is the temperature that works best. My goal is never to be wearing pants in my house. I don’t want to […]

Ductless cooling in the kitchen and bedroom

I live way up north where they say you don’t need to own an air conditioner. Well technically no, it doesn’t get hot enough to warrant central AC in the house. For me, I like having a little AC. The smartest thing I ever did was add a ductless mini split to the house. I […]

Adding a heater to my kitchen remodel

I saved up over 20,000 to redo my small kitchen. I wanted the space to be totally perfect and have plenty of money. I have spared no expense for my dream kitchen. I have brand new stainless steel appliances. I expanded my kitchen window to let in more light and added recessed lighting to the […]

Missed out on heated flooring

When I first bought my house I was debating on heated flooring. I already was having the carpets ripped up in every room in the house and replacing them with tile. Turns out tile is the best kind of flooring for radiant heat. Carpet absorbs the warmth and isn’t as good. In order to install […]

Running a bit hotter now that I have COVID

My husband attended a wedding up north and got COVID. He didn’t realize it until he arrived home and had already kissed me hello. Now the two of us are stuck in the house with COVID. We got the vaccine shot which apparently didn’t do anything. We are both sick. The two of us have […]