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Can’t sleep at all

I have been going through menopause the past couple of years. The symptoms are unquestionably unpleasant. I’ve struggled with weight acquire and headaches. I suffer frequent tepid flashes that leave myself and others drenched in sweat. I also have concerns with insomnia. I dread going to bed at night, because I know that I’m going […]

My job makes me travel

My task requires myself and others to travel a lot. There are months when I spend more afternoons in hotels than in our own home. While I like exploring current sites, this lifestyle makes it more difficult to keep physically fit and healthy. My hours are always increasing and our task is sedentary. I stand […]

My feet hurt

I originally got into running because it’s free. When I graduated from school, I had lots of student loans to deal with. I was trying to cover a car payment, insurance and rent as well. Although I managed to get a task in our chosen field, it was an entry level position at unquestionably low […]

I prefer to jump rope

I am always interested in new, interesting and beneficial workouts. I try to continually change up our biweekly fitness regimen to target peculiar muscles and keep things interesting. I study the workout blogs of several professional athletes. A professional boxer shared a video of himself jumping rope. His skill level was seriously impressive. He recommended […]

Who can be my handyman?

I used to work totally on my computer for an internet advertising dealer. I got into purchasing homes for sale and rental properties for rent because a friend of mine did it. She started making some huge currency with real estate. I realized I had the time and the currency to buy a rental! One […]

Beach trip ruined the car

When the kids have Spring break each year, my partner and I try to do something special with them. The two of us always know when Spring break will be a long time before it occurs. The school calendar lists all of the afternoons when the kids will be out of school and the people […]

I won a new car detailing

There was a stereo contest on the computer and I answered the contest many times. The winner of the stereo contest was going to earn $4,000 for wrapping their automobile with graphics from the stereo station. It was basically a single-year advertising contract that paid $5,000. I have a pretty nice Honda that gets wonderful […]

Replacing washer and dryer

My husband and I have had some difficulties setting up an effective and safe laundry room in our home. We did not have access to an exterior wall for the dryer. We initially attempted to route the dryer vent through a guest bedroom closet. This required several bends in the dryer vent, which collected lint. […]