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Time for some natural climate control

I heard that my bandmate is even more depressed than normal, which is not a good thing because he is normally feeling really low most of the time. I think he is down because our band has not played in weeks and he is feeling kind of lost just like I have been feeling lately. […]

Seven minutes of cooling equipment

I will knock out this article and then get out for a bit to rest my eyes that feel like they are crossing from looking at the screen too much. I am going to try to start typing with my eyes closed and if I can master that then I think my eyes will never […]

Halfway through ductwork repair

The weather is really nice this morning and I am torn between playing music and playing beach volleyball. I can’t do both because they take too much out of me, so I need to decide if I am going to do one and get going on it. We actually won’t start playing ball for a […]

Slept well with an air purifying system

I slept well last night, going to bed by 11pm on a Saturday night. I used to be out all the time at night going to clubs and bars, but I grew tired of the scene and now find myself in bed before the time I would normally be just going out for the night. […]

Ten cooling systems to look at

I split my workday up into two parts; one hour in the morning and then another hour or so in the afternoon after I have taken my swim and bike ride around town. It works well this way and it gives my eyes a chance to rest without causing too much strain on them from […]

Heavy heating equipment lifting

Now I know why my lower back is hurting. I thought it was from stress, because the past few weeks I have found my mind worrying about things that really shouldn’t matter in the long run. Today I will work on clearing out those thoughts and relaxing my mind so my lower back can relax […]

Writing about space heaters

I pretty much just had Sundays free, but I was so tired from the long workweek that I would spend most of the day in bed recovering I think of my life now compared to 25 years ago and it is a bit different. I am now living overseas and working part time writing these […]

An easy day of heating supplier work

Today is Sunday and I am going to slow it down a bit. I will do my work online over the next couple of hours and then I am going to have a relaxing day on the beach. It may end up a bit more on the sporty side if all of the players come […]

Sunday is a/c system rest day

Hopefully I can do it without needing to drain the whole propane heater and then it will be an easy fix Waking up on a Sunday is taking a bit longer today as my lower back has been sore for a week or so. I think it may be from stress, but what stress do […]

Fixing the heating element in the heater

I was talking about how we just went six weeks without any hot water in the flat. Doing laundry with cold water isn’t too much of a problem, but taking a cold shower after coming home from the cold beach evening is not a fun thing. The cold water from the shower really jolts you […]