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Putting new posters up

I recently just bought a new house and as a newly divorced male I wanted to spruce up my apartment. Overall I’m not happy about moving again but now I guess I can live a life that is my own until I figure it out. I know for sure I always loved posters, I am […]

Bringing the wife and kids to the cabin

I deal with the cold a lot. I work for the state so I’m used to being outdoors all the time. Where we live temperatures are usually cooler all year round. At times it becomes difficult for my family as they do not feel like dealing with the cooler temperatures. My wife is always messing […]

I wanted to own my own personal heater

However, my girlfriend beat me to it, and she bought me one the same day For a long time, I always wanted to have my own personal heating unit. The reason goes back all the way back to my childhood. My dad had his own space heater. I was always fascinated with dad’s HVAC system. […]

Air conditioning special was going on

When I received the email detailing the heating and cooling special taking place at the HVAC corporation, I had to click fast. HVAC equipment, as most people would know, is usually very expensive, so if they were having a sale on A/C technology, I wanted to take advantage of it. To my disappointment, they weren’t […]

Living with chronic cold feet is hard to do

Living with chronic cold feet is really hard to do sometimes. I know that it sounds like a silly condition to have to deal with, but I have had strangely cold feet ever since I was a kid. I’m always wearing double and even triple pairs of socks, warm slippers, and fuzzy boots. I always […]

I married an HVAC technician

About five years ago, I married an HVAC technician. This wasn’t really in my life plan, to tell you the truth. I actually thought that I was going to end up marrying a really rich guy that I went to college with, but it just didn’t work out for me that way. I was well […]