All donations go to the civic center for a new furnace

This town has a small Civic Center where the community can get together and have activities for free.

Once a week there is a free yoga class for beginners.

There are also after school youth activities at the Civic Center. There are a variety of community projects and yard sales that occur at the Civic Center on the weekends. When the furnace broke down, there was a huge fundraiser to raise money for the new furnace. There wasn’t any money in the budget to replace the expensive commercial Heating equipment, so the community sponsors had a fundraiser right in the middle of town. There were bands from five different counties and an option at the end of the week. After all of the funds were counted, the donations far exceeded the amount of money necessary to complete the commercial furnace installation job. The county used the extra money from the fundraiser to add a couple of features to the building. We have upgraded playground equipment including new slides and swings. We also have some volleyball nets installed in the lot next to the building where the kids already like to play after school. It was really nice to see the community come together for such a great cause. Everyone in the town benefits when there is a safe place for the kids to play after school. The Civic Center provides a safe environment for all of our children and that’s a great place to donate my money and any extra money that my company has left over in the budget at the end of the year.


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