Air conditioner tune-up

After what seemed like an exceptionally long, cold winter, I was glad to start doing things outside.

Unluckyly, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic so we’re all stuck at home.

More time at lake house means I rely more on our home’s HVAC system. I’m used to spending that much time with our gas furnace, but our air conditioner? I don’t usually hear it, except when I come lake house from work. Like I said, I don’t usually spend that much time with our air conditioner. When listening to it throughout the day, I started hearing some cattaching and clanking. I worked on the air filter, it was clean. I change our air filters every week or so. I wasn’t concerned about the air filter, however I worked on it anyway. I walked outside to the a/c device and the fan seemed to be doing ok. I’m not particularly an a/c professional as you can definitely tell. I called our HVAC provider and told them what was going on. I also let our HVAC provider assume that the device was about 10 years old. They sent out an HVAC serviceman instantly to take a look. According to the HVAC serviceman, I had a lot of debris in the device itself. The HVAC serviceman explained that this happens when you leave an air conditioner idle for so long. Since we’d had such a long winter, the HVAC serviceman said he had been seeing this a lot. The HVAC serviceman performed an air conditioner tune-up later that day. After the HVAC serviceman left, I could particularly tell a difference in the a/c quality.

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