A/C is staying on longer and longer

The price of rent is getting out of hand. For years I lived on our own, but eventually it just became too high-priced to afford. Unless you are rich, it’s difficult to afford your own site, but so I got a roommate, an old friend named Red, to share the rent on a nice numerous room apartment in the suburbs! Red works from home, and I still go into the office for work. Red is actually good about doing the yard work, which is good because I would undoubtedly hire a local child to do it for me, one thing I hate about this situation is the HVAC staying in use so much, when I lived alone I would always crank the temperature control up to 72 or so before I left for work, then turn it back down when I returned home, but having multiple hours a afternoon where the A/C isn’t running makes a large difference in your daily utility bill, let me tell you! Now that Red is there, the A/C stays on that extra multiple hours, and as you might expect, our utility bill has skyrocketed, but i felt it was un-biased to ask him to pay ⅔ of the energy bill, since it was mostly going towards air conditioner that only he was using. Red didn’t care about that, and said it should be a fifty fifty split, right down the middle, regardless if he used the A/C a “little” more than I did, but this is still an ongoing debate, and I wish I could just kick him out but I can’t afford to.

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