Can’t sleep at all

I have been going through menopause the past couple of years.

The symptoms are unquestionably unpleasant.

I’ve struggled with weight acquire and headaches. I suffer frequent tepid flashes that leave myself and others drenched in sweat. I also have concerns with insomnia. I dread going to bed at night, because I know that I’m going to spend hours trying to fall asleep. When I finally manage to fall asleep, I will most likely wake up an hour later and repeat the whole process. I get unquestionably frustrated and bored. I occasionally force myself to stay in bed and at least rest. At other times, I decide that I would appreciate to accomplish something. I am fortunate that I have a lake home gym in the basement. I can workout at any time of the afternoon or night without spine-chilling the rest of the family. The basement is nice and cool, and there is plenty of space. I have outfitted our lake home gym with a treadmill, stationary bike, incline bench, free weights, yoga mat, jump rope and resistance bands. I usually get in absolutely good workouts at several or severalo’clock in the afternoon. Although I’m sleepy, I am also seriously aggravated by the insomnia. I crank our music up extra loud and jump around. I make sure to elevate our heart rate, task up a good sweat and get breathing hard. I know that a high intensity training session isn’t the best way to battle insomnia. I’ve study up on all the ways to more absolutely fall asleep, and they don’t task for me. I workout, take a shower and crawl back in bed. At least I can let myself sleep in a little later in the afternoon because I’ve already completed our workout.

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My job makes me travel

My task requires myself and others to travel a lot.

There are months when I spend more afternoons in hotels than in our own home.

While I like exploring current sites, this lifestyle makes it more difficult to keep physically fit and healthy. My hours are always increasing and our task is sedentary. I stand in airport terminals, stand on the plan and stand at conferences and in meetings. Eating at restaurants for every meal adds up to a lot of calories. I’ve l earned how to take care of myself. As soon as I arrive at our endpoint, I make a trip to the store. I buy bottled water, fresh fruit, yogurts and salad kits. I always choose a hotel with at least a mini fridge and try to find those that include a bedroomette. I also look for accommodations that feature a fitness center that is open 24/7. Some of these fitness rooms are little more than a single treadmill and some hand weights. Others are gorgeous facilities outfitted with state-of-the-art ellipticals, stationary bikes and the latest in fitness equipment. If I am fortunate, the hotel will offer a swimming pool. I make sure to workout for someplace from thirty to sixty hours every afternoon. I prioritize a thorough stretch where I focus on flexibility, range of motion and balance. There are times when I workout first thing in the afternoon. There are those long afternoons when I can’t get our workout accomplished until late at night. I’ve l earned that making time for the workout is essential to avoiding aches, pains and insomnia.

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My feet hurt

I originally got into running because it’s free.

When I graduated from school, I had lots of student loans to deal with.

I was trying to cover a car payment, insurance and rent as well. Although I managed to get a task in our chosen field, it was an entry level position at unquestionably low pay. There was barely enough in the budget to cover groceries and other necessities. I absolutely couldn’t afford a gym membership. While I was in school, I loved free access to the campus gym and swimming pool. After I entered the workforce, I needed to find a way to maintain our fitness level without spending any money, however running gave the ideal solution. It’s a good workout for burning calories, building stamina and toning muscles. It doesn’t require any extra gear. All I needed to do was lace up our sneakers and choose a route. At first, I was only able to run a short way before getting out of breath. I ran every afternoon and quickly built up our endurance so that I increased our speed and distance. It wasn’t long before I was running more than nine to twelve miles at a fairly impressive pace, but unfortunately, I ran in a cheap pair of sneakers that I’d bought at Walmart. They lacked the necessary support, and I developed plantar fasciitis in our feet. The mangle to our arches was seriously painful. It hurt to walk and was difficult to sleep. I ended up saving up money to afford a pair of inserts for our shoes. I also bought a good quality pair of sneakers. It took over a year before our feet fully healed and I was able to run again.


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I prefer to jump rope

I am always interested in new, interesting and beneficial workouts.

I try to continually change up our biweekly fitness regimen to target peculiar muscles and keep things interesting.

I study the workout blogs of several professional athletes. A professional boxer shared a video of himself jumping rope. His skill level was seriously impressive. He recommended jumping rope as a good high-intensity occasion because it works the entire body. I hadn’t jumped rope since I was a little boy. I instantly bought a leather jump rope with weighted handles. At first, I wasn’t all that proficient. I frequently tripped over the rope, stepped on it and smacked myself in the calves. I also had unquestionably little stamina. Since I keep myself in good physical condition, I was shocked by how quickly I got out of breath. I kept practicing and steadily improved. I wore our several leather ropes before I replaced to a synthetic jump rope program that includes severalweighted ropes and a single set of handles. Each rope gets progressively heavier and provides a unique type of exercise. I now jump rope severalor 5 afternoons per week. I’ve accomplished a variety of skills, including double-unders, crossovers, single-foot jumps, skipping, running and turning with the rope. I’ve invested into a rubberized mat that is identifiably designed for jumping. It doesn’t skid or roll up however provides a helpful cushion for our feet. My only complaint with jumping rope is the impact on our feet, ankles and knees. If I jump too long or too often, I beginning feeling some aches and pains.


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Who can be my handyman?

I used to work totally on my computer for an internet advertising dealer.

I got into purchasing homes for sale and rental properties for rent because a friend of mine did it.

She started making some huge currency with real estate. I realized I had the time and the currency to buy a rental! One rental property hastily became 5; Residential homes for sale hastily turned into me looking into commercial real estate. After I hired a property manager, things easily took off, however now I just find more homes to buy and flip, or rent out. I have quite a bit of currency piling in. It is hard managing all the other people involved though. My property manager handles the tenants and their complaints. But if a general business, handyman, plumber or furnace services are needed, I want to find a professional. I so far have sourced an electric, plumber and Heating and A/C professional that I like. Locating a general handyman service isn’t straight-forward though. Where is the woman that installs current windows, puts in a floor or will redo the back deck on my duplex? Right now I am having no such luck. My property management corporation has hired a few unusual general corporations and I haven’t been happy with them. I need to look for home services that are rated highly. I don’t mind hiring a team or just 1 man. I need someone who has skills, charges an even-handed rate and will absolutely show up. That is a rare find though. Not all people have the knowledge or want to work right now.


Eyebrow threading for my old man brows

The stylist totally reshapes them and cuts down on how wide they are

I joke that I have crazy old man eyebrows. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, but thick black eyebrows. When I get out of the shower I need to make sure I smooth them down or they pop up in every direction. I frequently tweeze between my eyebrows and under the brow for rogue hairs. I used to do all my brow maintenance with tweezers. Not only is it painful, but it doesn’t last long or get the job done at all. When a high end salon opened up in my town, I decided to have them deal with it. I originally pictured them slathering wax all over my face and ripping it off that way. I wasn’t scared but nervous to leave the salon with red eyebrows. I was really thankful when my stylist suggested eyebrow threading instead. Rather than going against the grain with wax, they go with the air growth and pull it out with a soft thread. It is much better on the skin. It causes less pain, redness and the hair regrowth takes a while. After hearing about all the benefits and seeing my new eyebrows, I don’t know why anyone waxes eyebrows anymore. It doesn’t take too much time to have my eyebrows threaded. The threading salon is quick, efficient and the cost is quite cheap. I no longer need to tweeze and worry about my brows as much. The stylist totally reshapes them and cuts down on how wide they are. I actually look like I have normal eyebrows now.
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Beach trip ruined the car

When the kids have Spring break each year, my partner and I try to do something special with them.

The two of us always know when Spring break will be a long time before it occurs.

The school calendar lists all of the afternoons when the kids will be out of school and the people I was with and I get the school calendar in the start of September, then knowing the kids will have a week off in March means that the people I was with and I can plan ahead for the time when the kids will not be in school, however last year our partner and I decided to take the kids to the beach for 5 afternoons. The two of us rented a home with all of the perks of home. The two of us had a stove and a refrigerator and a washroom with a shower and a tub. The two of us had an outdoor faucet so the kids could clean up outside instead of cracking sand and mud into the house. The two of us had a lot of sand and mud inside of the minivan when the people I was with and I came back from the getaway. I tried to remove all of the sand, dirt, and salt, however there was sand everywhere… My partner advocated taking the car to an auto detailer. I never used a detailing company in the past. I did not assume what the repair entailed and I did not assume how much it would cost. I assumed the cost of a detailed job was around the same price as getting your car washed. I was totally incorrect. It cost a heap of money to get a car detailed. They sure did an excellent job though. My partner and I paid $115 for the auto body and detailing shop to clean our vehicle. They went through the minivan with a superb tooth comb. When the people I was with and I finally got the car back, it looked as if it had come straight from the dealership.


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I won a new car detailing

There was a stereo contest on the computer and I answered the contest many times.

The winner of the stereo contest was going to earn $4,000 for wrapping their automobile with graphics from the stereo station.

It was basically a single-year advertising contract that paid $5,000. I have a pretty nice Honda that gets wonderful gas mileage and the automobile has needed a paint job for a long time. I thought the vinyl wrap was a great way to change the look of our automobile and get paid at the same time. I never expected the stereo station to easily call me and declare me the winner. I was shocked to hear from the stereo dj. I sincerely believed our spouse was pranking me at the time. The stereo station announcer told me that I needed to phone a detailing shop in the city that provides vinyl automobile wrapping. I had to make the appointment on our own and at our convenience. After the automobile wrap was completed, I could get our $4,000 check. I didn’t even have to spend our savings up front for the vinyl, because the stereo station set everything up with the vinyl wrapping company ahead of time. I simply needed to make the appointment. It was pretty simple. I waited until a weekend when I did not have to work, because the detail and auto performance shop told me that it would take many afternoons for the vinyl automobile wrap job to be completed. It easily took almost a week. I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever get our automobile back from the shop and then they called. The vinyl wrap looks absolutely great and the name of the stereo station is all over our car.

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Replacing washer and dryer

My husband and I have had some difficulties setting up an effective and safe laundry room in our home.

  • We did not have access to an exterior wall for the dryer.

We initially attempted to route the dryer vent through a guest bedroom closet. This required several bends in the dryer vent, which collected lint. Because the lint collected so quickly and I was so very worried about a dryer fire, I took both the appliance and the vent apart every month and thoroughly cleaned them. It was a very time-consuming, labor intensive and frustrating job. Plus, the design of the vent forced the dryer to run longer and work harder. It used a great deal more energy and suffered excess wear and tear. The dryer didn’t last as long as it should have. When it failed, I did some research and chose a ventless alternative. At that point, the washing machine was also having some problems. Due to hard water, we frequently deal with washing machine maintenance, repairs and replacements. For this latest improvement project, I chose a stackable washer and dryer. I hired a plumber to come in and check all of the water lines and drains before the new appliance was installed. He recommended replacing the plumbing to maximize water pressure and drainage. I was willing to pay just about anything to ensure the washer and dryer will operate reliably and safely for as long as possible. Although the new appliances are somewhat smaller in capacity than what I am used to, I have been very happy with their performance.

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Portable restrooms were a necessity at the concert venue.

I have only ever been to one concert, and that was one too many.

There weren’t nearly enough portable restrooms for the amount of people that were there.

I had to pee so bad that I couldn’t wait to go to the port-a-potty. I ended up standing in line to use the portable restrooms for almost fifteen minutes. Not only did I almost pee my pants while waiting, but I missed watching the band perform my favorite song. I swore I would never go to another concert, but my husband changed my mind. He saw that the local venue was having a concert with a band that sang all the golden oldies of the sixties through eighties. He bought the tickets for me for my birthday. A part of me wanted to hug him and give him an honest thank you, but I was remembering the concert I had gone to with my friends. I had a small bladder back then, and after having four kids, my bladder was still small, but weaker. I couldn’t imagine standing in line for fifteen minutes to use a portable restroom that was probably overused and smelly. I swallowed hard and told him I was excited to go, but he saw my face and asked if I was okay. I told him about the concert I had once gone to and how long I waited in line to use the portable restroom. He smiled and told me he would be my bodyguard. He would make sure I got into the portable restroom with no problems, even if he had to carry me up to the door and move people aside to get me in.

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