I have a sassy smart thermostat

I think I got the sassy smart thermostat.

They say that a smart thermostat learns your heating and cooling behaviors to make it easier for you.

That way you neve have to touch your thermostat app on your phone or manually adjust it again. My thermostat is such a turd about making a heating and cooling schedule. I think it just does whatever it wants and sometimes makes a program that I hate to be mean. Why else would I suddenly have no heating at 3am in the wintertime? The thermostat then will crank the heating system around 3pm during the day when I am not even in the house. I had to go into my thermostat app to delete the program it set because it was such a mess. Now it is summer and I think my thermostat has detected I don’t like AC. It is constantly turning on my air conditioner. I just want the house to be at 75 degrees, is that so hard? I frequently wake up to my AC clicking on and feel cold. I then see it has the temperature set at 70 degrees for me! I also noticed that midday just changes my 75 degree setting to 73. Why would it do that? I have deleted its program again but I don’t trust my smart thermostat. I think it is just being a big turd and thinks it is funny. I read online that my thermostat could be trying to make an energy efficient home. Wll I would like to waste my money please.

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Nuts about having a clean house

I have a bit of a cleaning thing.

I tend to go crazy with cleaning my house, especially when company is coming.

If my husband leaves the house, I take the opportunity to scrub. He also warns me to be careful since I tend to over bleach things and make myself sick. I love vacuuming and mopping the floors once a week. I will wash my wood ceiling and light fixtures every 10 days. The bathrooms frequently get a full scrub down. I would say I am vacuuming the house just about every single day. I have a cat and my lawn is basically all sand, you wouldn’t know it though. I keep a very tidy house. I also get my HVAC cleaned once a year. My HVAC technician changes out the air filter, oils the motor belt, lubricates moving parts and just gives everything a good scrub. They say every seven years you should do your ductwork. For me I try to do it yearly but my HVAC technician sometimes won’t do it. He told me that I was just wasting my money. I really don’t want any hair or dirt in my ductwork. So I typically get my way after 2-3 years of waiting. I like knowing that everything from my floor to ducts are clean and tidy. I don’t want to get sick or have a bad smelling house. It is easy to clean and keep everything fresh. I also am looking at indoor air quality products like an air purifier to give me that extra cleaning boost too.



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I need a lot of air quality products to survive

If I lived during the cavemen days I would totally be wiped out.

  • I am not a survival of the fittest type of gal.

I am healthy, active and intelligent. However, my body is pretty weak. For example, air quality is a killer for me. I have just about every indoor air quality product there is on the market. I have a humidifier that pairs with my heating system in the wintertime due to my dry skin. The added moisture in the air quality really makes the house feel warmer. The heater doesn’t need to be set as high and I don’t get chapped lips, bloody noses or dry skin anymore. I use a dehumidifier with my AC in the summertime. This is to prevent bugs and mold growth in the house. It also helps me not get sick during the summertime or get horrible acne. All year around I rely on an air purification system that is installed in my return ducts. It removes smells and dust from the indoor air quality. Even with all these things going, I do get sick from time to time. I have to use sensitive skin lotion, unscented soap, sensodyne toothpaste and I use special detergent for my clothing. I could very easily break out in a rash. Can you imagine me in the wild? I don’t think I could live without HVAC but living without indoor air quality cleaners would be tough as well. Sometimes as small as dust could really affect my day to day living.

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I hate the air conditioning

I’ll admit it, I have something against AC.

I never want the air conditioning on. When my husband goes on a business trip, the air conditioner goes off. I open the windows, let a fresh breeze in and just enjoy being warm. During the summer it is horrible with the AC use. He wants the thermostat set so low. I can’t stand it. It literally drives me out of the house. I frequently work sitting outside in 80 degree weather because I feel it is a better temperature outside than inside. Anytime we pack up to go somewhere, it is a fight if we have car AC too. He loves to shut all the windows and blast the cooling system to the maximum setting. I feel sick after a whole car ride of that. If I just open the windows, apparently that is not enough cooling. I get sick of AC after a while. I get pounded with it in my house, I get it in the car, in restaurants and at the movies. Aren’t there other people like me that don’t enjoy coling? I am from the north and never had an air conditioner before. My family lived with three different heating systems but no air conditioner. It never got hotter than 80 degrees in our house. It also was about one month of heat in the summer. I thought I would enjoy air conditioning more now that I live down south. It is the same thing with me. I never want to have the cooling system on. I would much rather be too hot than too cold.



Hoping to someday have zone control

With zone control unused rooms don’t need HVAC anymore

Zone control is something I have always wanted to have. My boyfriend and I aren’t sympatico when it comes to HVAC settings. We have proven that his body is at a higher temperature. He is never at 98.6 degrees. He definitely just runs warmer and needs AC all the time. I run a lot colder and want heating. Due to this, we have trouble deciding on a thermostat temperature. We don’t even share a room since at night it is a fight for AC or heating. My boyfriend crank the AC and has his ceiling fan running. I lay underneath my thick comforter and I just froze to death. Sometimes I turn off the AC when I get way too cold. My boyfriend then bitterly complains in the morning. If we had zone control, this wouldn’t be a problem. The two of us could co-exist peacefully. I could have heating in my bedroom and he could have AC in his without affecting one another. We would still need to find a common temperature for the living room and kitchen, but I would be much happier to work with him temperature wise if some rooms were my preference. Zone control is also good with saving money. We have a second bathroom and office that never gets used. Right now we pay to provide HVAC to it for no reason. With zone control unused rooms don’t need HVAC anymore. The upgrade requires adding a ductless mini split with multiple indoor air handlers and thermostats. It will be pricey but I feel ultimately worth it.
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Different thermostat settings in houses

It is weird how differently people set their thermostats.

My husband and I set the house to 74 degrees no matter what. If that means AC or heating, who cares. We find that it is the temperature that works best. My goal is never to be wearing pants in my house. I don’t want to use pants because I am so cold in the wintertime due to not enough heating. I also don’t want to put on pants because the AC is set too high. My brothers are very different with their thermostat settings. My one brother never likes to run his HVAC. He feels he is being energy efficient by hardly turning it on. In the summer he keeps his windows open to allow a fresh breeze. His house is always ridiculously hot. We spend most of our time by his pool rather than inside. During the winter I know that I need to bundle up for his house since the heater won’t be on. My other brother definitely likes to be around 69 degrees. In the summer I know to bring a jacket and pants to his house. It is as cold as a movie theater. He must run his AC constantly. He likes to turn off all the lights and close the blinds too. It feels like a little AC cave. The winter time might even be worse at his house than my other brother. We grew up in the same house, how do we have such different HVAC preface ccs? How can their wives stand the cold in the house?

Smart HVAC

Ductless cooling in the kitchen and bedroom

I live way up north where they say you don’t need to own an air conditioner.

Well technically no, it doesn’t get hot enough to warrant central AC in the house.

For me, I like having a little AC. The smartest thing I ever did was add a ductless mini split to the house. I had one outdoor air compressor and two indoor air handlers. One is in the kitchen and the other is directly above the kitchen in my bedroom. In the winter the kitchen can stay toasty warm even though it is far from the gas fireplace in the living room. In the summer I can run the AC when I have the burners on and the oven on. It no longer feels like a sweatshop there. The best is having AC in my bedroom though. I am going through menopause and having no AC was really rough at first. I couldn’t hardly sleep due to feeling too hot. I would sweat through my sheets and change them in the middle of the night. I also would fling off the covers, sweat and then want them back after I had cooled down. It used to be really rough getting comfortable. Now when I feel a hot flash going on, I just use my thermostat remote to turn on the air conditioner. I then get gentle cooling to help me feel a little better. Once I am cooled down, I can turn it off right from my bed. Yes I still wake up and get disturbed, but now I no longer need to get out of my bed and change sheets. It is a sign incat improvement in my life.

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Adding a heater to my kitchen remodel

I saved up over 20,000 to redo my small kitchen.

I wanted the space to be totally perfect and have plenty of money.

I have spared no expense for my dream kitchen. I have brand new stainless steel appliances. I expanded my kitchen window to let in more light and added recessed lighting to the ceiling. I have hardwood cupboards and quartz countertops. I debated heavily on what to do for the flooring. I decided that I wanted tile to match the rest of the house. However, the kitchen due to the windows is quite cold. I also know that the kitchen tends to feel a little colder in the winter due to where the sun rises and sets. So I decided that it would be smart to add heated flooring during the process. Rather than use a ventless heater like before, the heating system is hidden below my floorboards. I was able to free up lower cabinet space. It also looks much better with the heater hidden. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like heated flooring until I got it in my home. I love feeling the gentle heat under my feet. It doesn’t make any noise, no heat rises to the ceiling and it doesn’t cost much energy bill wise. It was a nice little dent in my kitchen budget but I am so glad that I splurged for it. My kitchen is a masterpiece. It has perfect heating, counterspace, appliances and is modern. It is now the statement piece of my home.

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Missed out on heated flooring

When I first bought my house I was debating on heated flooring.

I already was having the carpets ripped up in every room in the house and replacing them with tile.

Turns out tile is the best kind of flooring for radiant heat. Carpet absorbs the warmth and isn’t as good. In order to install heated flooring, you need to rip up the old floors. It was like I had everything perfect for radiant heating. I crunched some numbers and it looked like my flooring budget would double if I added heated floors. I also didn’t like that it would raise my floors and add weight to them. Also, I had contractors in my home everyday ripping up floors and laying tile down. I didn’t want to add another stage to the process and make it take even longer. I figured I lived down south where heating isn’t really a necessity. I also had a working heating system in the house. So what does it matter? Well I regret it now that I didn’t get heated flooring. My floors are all brand new tile and I can’t add heated flooring without destroying them. It is too late. I found out that tile floors are quite cold. I am constantly wearing shoes and slippers. I also tossed rugs down the floors because I couldn’t stand the cold. I basically covered up all my new work. Wouldn’t you know it, my current heating system is also acting up too. I am really regretting not taking the time to do radiant heat.


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Running a bit hotter now that I have COVID

My husband attended a wedding up north and got COVID.

He didn’t realize it until he arrived home and had already kissed me hello.

Now the two of us are stuck in the house with COVID. We got the vaccine shot which apparently didn’t do anything. We are both sick. The two of us have headaches, sinus pressure, post nasal drip and dry coughs. I also noticed that we both ran a little hotter than usual. Typically we have the thermostat set to 74 degrees and are good to go. We both wear shorts and tanks with the AC going during the work day. We both work totally online so quality climate control is important. Now that we both have COVID, neither one of us wants AC. My husband has raised the thermostat temperature to 76 degrees. He is in his robe and I am in long pants. I don’t exactly feel warm either. That is a bit concerning. I hope my symptoms don’t get any worse. Right now I can work and go about my normal dya. I just feel sort of awful while I do it. However, I know I am saving money on my HVAC bills, I have an excuse to clean and maybe I will be less susceptible to COVID now that I already had it once. After all the big scares about getting the virus, I have to say it is pretty underwhelming. It feels like a normal cold. I looked up the timeline and I shouldn’t have it more than a week or two. So that isn’t too bad.


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