If memory serves me right, there was a HVAC company on that block.

Several years ago, my wife and I moved out of the area.

We were looking for a new start, in a new area, and with people of our own age.

Neither my wife or I were really sure we wanted to leave our home, but it was not workable to take it with us. Our daughter took the house and promised that whenever we wanted to come back to the area, there would always be room in the home for us. Last month, my wife passed away after 52 years of marriage. I knew I didn’t want to have to live alone, so I took my daughter up on her offer. She helped turn the back section of the house into a small apartment, complete with an ensuite bathroom. On the third day there, my small grandson asked if I would go for a walk with him? We walked about two blocks and I stopped to look at the changes that had taken place. If memory served me right, I knew there had once been an HVAC company in that area, if not on that same corner. The only reason I was so certain of there being an HVAC company on that corner, that’s because I had worked there for almost 25 years. All of my hopes and dreams have gone into that company, since it is where I met my wife and where I worked. I loved working at the HVAC company, and sometimes I still miss doing that job. The problem with my being a HVAC technician again would be that I couldn’t spend time with my grandson.

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Let me tell you about the HVAC tech who forgot his tools.

Last week, I had an HVAC technician come to our house to do some work on our furnace.

Winter was coming quickly, and we wanted to make sure the furnace was ready for when the weather got really cold. It took about three days before the HVAC technician showed up to do the work. When he got there, I knew there was something wrong, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. He was almost through the house and nearing the basement door when I realized what was going on. The HVAC technician had forgotten to bring his tools with him. I stopped him mid-stride and asked where his tools were? He looked at his bare hands and told me he probably left them out in the service van. He turned around and headed to the door and walked out. When I heard the service van start up and pull away from our driveway, I suspected that he had forgotten to bring his tools with him. I waited for several hours for him to come back, however he never showed up. I ended up calling the HVAC company in asking what happened to the young technician we’ve been at my house? They explained that he was so embarrassed for forgetting his tools, that he had refused to come back to our house. I told them to have him come back to the house, and I promised not to laugh at him for the tool debacle. He seems like a nice young man, and I was pretty sure that he was a good technician even if he was a bit forgetful.

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What is that horrible odor?

Last week, we had the HVAC tech come to the house and do the inspection on our furnace. Our days were now in the longer sixties, and our nights were in the upper thirties and low forties. It was almost time when we were going to need to turn on the furnace. There were a couple nights when the furnace would have turned on if we had the thermostat set to heat. Now that the furnace has been cleaned and serviced, we had the thermostat set to heat, and set at sixty-eight. Our furnace turned on yesterday, and I wished it hadn’t. There was the worst tear inducing odor coming from the air vents that I had ever uncovered. We had talked about having the ductwork cleaned, but it had just been done the previous year. The HVAC technician told us it wasn’t necessary to have it done every year. We decided to forego the ductwork cleaning for another year. Now, I wished we had it done. I was sure we had something dead inside the ductwork. Once the HVAC technician arrived, he said we definitely had something dead in the ductwork, and it smelled like a nest of stink bugs. He could not get a team of ductwork cleaners to the house for three days. Since it was going to be so cool, my husband and I took a few days off work, and headed to a romantic hotel and enjoyed the heat without the stench. I figured that since we couldn’t stay in the house, we may as well enjoy our time away from it.


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I love my husband, but his stuffed skunk has got to go.

When we first got married, I thought my husband was perfect.

He had this adorable stuffed skunk he said had to come to our new home with us.

I thought it was just a stuffed toy when he told me about it, but I was wrong. He had a pet skunk when he was a kid, and when the skunk died, he had it stuffed. I thought this was morbid, but who was I to say what he could and couldn’t do with his pet. When he brought the skunk into the house, he insisted on using it as an attention piece and put it right where it would be seen when he walked into the house. I teased it would make a good doorstop. Unfortunately, he placed the skunk right by the air vent. I didn’t notice that there was still a bit of odor that surrounded the skunk until winter arrived. When the heat of the furnace rose up from the air vent, it went right over the skunk. I noticed an odor of muskiness and a faint, but definite aroma of skunk. My husband told me I was imagining it since I knew it was a real skunk at one time. One afternoon, it was snowing and some of the snow got on the skunk as it blew in through the door. As the heat ran and poured out of the air vent onto the now wet skunk, the musk permeated throughout the entire room. My husband curled his lip and his nose was twitching. Wet skunk and heat did not go well in a house.

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There was no zone control?

In today’s world of modern amenities, I thought that every home would have Zone Control.

I never thought that there would be a house that didn’t have Zone Control.

To me, it just made sense when you had more than one person in the house. If you had a two story home, Zone Control was the only way to save money on your energy bills. When my daughter was looking for her first home, she asked her mother and I to go with her. Being a HVAC technician, the first thing I looked at was the HVAC system. I wanted to make sure the heating and air conditioning were in good shape. I would check the ductwork to make sure the ventilation system was working properly. I even went over the bathroom fan to make sure it worked well, as well as the range hood. Her mother went over to the rest of the house. We looked for signs of water leaks and mold. Our daughter told us that with us around she wouldn’t need to hire an inspection company, but we disagreed. The one thing I was concerned with over the house she liked the most was that there was no Zone Control. I knew it would be a simple matter to put Zone Control in the house, but it surprised me that they did not already install it. She told me she really loved the house, and wanted to know if I would do the installation of Zone Control and an air purification system. She also wanted a humidifier for the furnace. It was then that I knew my daughter was serious about buying a home..

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Is there really such a thing as comfort when you work in an open office?

I loved the idea of working in a think tank, but the idea came with a few other problems.

  • Sure, I could run ideas past someone without knocking on doors.

We were always huddled together to hash out problems, or to suss out some information we were trying to grasp. When winter came, the open office situation wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be. Since there were no doors, everyone had the same level of comfort to deal with. It didn’t matter if you were cold-blooded or warm-blooded. Even if you like it cooler, there was no change in temperature. There was only one thermostat in the entire room, and everyone had to adjust. You saw some women running around in heavy jackets all day long, and some people who were just in shirt sleeves. I felt bad for those who had the jackets on. When you had to wear extra clothing inside to stay warm, you weren’t thinking clearly. For myself, my hands and toes were always icy. I asked if there was some way to get more heat to the room, but everyone pointed at the one thermostat. I knew the owner of the building and I suggested he have zone control installed in the room. At least there would be a couple of areas where there would be some heat, and it would probably save on the overuse of the furnace. The following weekend, there was a lot of activity in the building. When we all arrived back at the think tank, there were four more thermostats and instructions on how to use them.


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My associate wanted his own office.

My brother and I opted to go into business together.

Since we were just starting out, we didn’t have enough money to get a proper business address, and we decided to use the large double garage as our office space.

We knew we wouldn’t need a lot of office space, since we didn’t plan on either of us being in the office very often. My wife was going to take all incoming calls, and his wife offered to do inventory management. After two weeks of opening the newest HVAC company in the area, my brother said he wanted his own office. I couldn’t understand why he needed an office, since he was never inside. He said that someone had to do the interviewing. We already had too much work for both of us to keep up with. We had two service vans, and we needed a third HVAC technician, and a third service van. I thought our wives should be able to handle a simple interview. They needed to check out their credentials and make sure they had their HVAC certification. Apparently, my brother thought another HVAC technician should take care of the business of hiring. His wife had other ideas. She reminded him she had worked with her father before they got married. She didn’t think he had to come off the job, just to hire another technician. The time would come when we would both be needed in the office, but until then, she and my wife could handle everything else. I guess he forgot his wife was also a certified HVAC technician.

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My husband bought an air conditioner for the playhouse..

When my kids were little, all they wanted was a treehouse.

  • We didn’t have a lot of trees big enough to house a treehouse, so my husband built them a backyard playhouse.

I couldn’t believe how exact the playhouse was. He had everything inside that playhouse, except a working kitchen. He even had a small bathroom, so the kids didn’t need to run in and out of the house. I thought all of this was a little over the top, but I did not know what over the top was until summer came. All my daughter had to do was act like she was fainting from the heat in the playhouse, and my husband went into action. The next thing I knew, he was on the phone with the HVAC company. He ordered a small ductless HVAC system for the playhouse. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. When he got off the phone, I had to question him. Did he honestly just call and order a ductless HVAC system for the playhouse? He looked like I had no right to be surprised. His excuse was that if the kids wanted to be out there, and possibly sleep out there, they had to be comfortable. Of course, he was planning on putting heating and air conditioning in the playhouse. I said something about there not being any actual windows and doors. That’s when he said he had already thought of that. He ordered a door and two windows for the playhouse, right before he ordered the HVAC system. Now, I have heard it all.


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I loved the window air conditioning unit.

When our air conditioning unit broke down, my wife and I didn’t have enough money to put it into a new one.

While waiting to save enough money, we purchased a couple of windows AC units to take its place. We thought the window air conditioners would allow us to get some sleep and keep the living area cool until we could afford the central AC unit. That was over a year ago, and we still hadn’t installed the central air conditioning unit. We found out that we liked the way it cooled the house with the window air conditioning units. Our bedroom was cooler than it had ever been with the central air conditioning unit. The large capacity air conditioner in the living room kept the entire downstairs cool. To top it all off, the energy bill was lower that summer than it had been for the last several years. We didn’t know if we would ever go back to central air conditioning, since we were so pleased with the window air conditioning. When spring arrived this past year, my wife asked if we were going to have a new central AC unit installed? I asked her if she would prefer the central air, and if so, we could afford to have it installed now. She thought for a few seconds and told me she was perfectly happy with the window air conditioners. She was just wondering if I had thought about it. To be honest, I gave several thoughts about replacing the central AC unit, but then I would look at the energy bills. There was no way I was going back to that route.



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We had a yard sale to pay for the air conditioner.

When the HVAC technician told me I needed a new air conditioning unit, I felt in my pockets and knew I couldn’t afford it.

I looked around the house and saw all the stuff my wife kept telling me was going to be worth something one day.

When she got home from work that night, I told her that one day had come and the stuff she had accumulated was going to be worth selling. She sputtered, but I told her we needed a new air conditioning unit. Unless she had some moldy money lying around somewhere, we had to get rid of some of that stuff so we could buy a new air conditioning unit. We planned a yard sale for the following weekend and put out everything we didn’t need anymore, and all of her stuff she had accumulated. I couldn’t believe how quickly everything got sold. By the time the weekend ended, we had almost enough money to pay for the new air conditioning unit. We were less than a thousand dollars short, but that could have been a million dollars. I was really down until my wife came into the house. I told her how much more money we needed for the AC unit. She smiled and told me I was worrying too much. She had started a savings account through work, and it was meant for a rainy day. She told me it wasn’t raining yet, but she thought it was a good time to take out the money. We were going to have our new AC unit installed next weekend.



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