Putting new posters up

I recently just bought a new house and as a newly divorced male I wanted to spruce up my apartment.

Overall I’m not happy about moving again but now I guess I can live a life that is my own until I figure it out. I know for sure I always loved posters, I am a movie buff! My separated wife didn’t like that I wanted movie posters up and all I wanted was my own spot. We didn’t have a spare room as we had kids nor a “mancave” or garage. Pretty much the house was decorated in her name and I had no say. So today I bought some new posters. I shouldn’t say new as they are all 80’s horror. So I’m trying to figure out the placement of the posters. I especially want to decorate the living room. I want people to see me and what I like. I bought some really cool vintage stuff and it’s very exciting. I remember when I was a child and I put a poster above the air conditioning vent. I learned that wasn’t a good idea as the poster lost its look a bit. I loved my bedroom super cold though. To be honest that could just be pure luck anyways. I’m fairly positive I don’t want to put one above anything that does heating and cooling in the apartment. Some walls might be bare. I’ll figure that out though. I’m kind of dumb with these things so I should ask a HVAC serviceman about it. I’m hoping I’m not coming off weird now.


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Bringing the wife and kids to the cabin

I deal with the cold a lot. I work for the state so I’m used to being outdoors all the time. Where we live temperatures are usually cooler all year round. At times it becomes difficult for my family as they do not feel like dealing with the cooler temperatures. My wife is always messing with the heater, my son is constantly complaining and is always walking around with the blanket on. My daughter is more like myself when it comes to the outdoors. She doesn’t work outdoors but loves nature and no matter how cold it gets she will still go for a hike or a run. I did last year pay for an HVAC professional to come out and install heated floors. I must say it’s kind of nice to have heated floors especially when I am outside working. Unfortunately sometimes I step in a puddle or snow gets in my boots but having the heated floors feels extremely nice to warm up my feet. This weekend we get to go see my family at the cabin. The cabin doesn’t have much for heat besides a fireplace. No baseboard heating, just a fireplace. Thankfully my father cleans it out once a year. I really should step up and do it. I go once a year with my wife, son and daughter. My dad never really wanted to do any updates to the cabin because his father owned it and he wants to remember how he grew up. To be honest, when he gives it to me I won’t do any updates as well. My son said if I give it to him he will update it. Maybe as he gets older he’ll change his mind.
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I wanted to own my own personal heater

However, my girlfriend beat me to it, and she bought me one the same day

For a long time, I always wanted to have my own personal heating unit. The reason goes back all the way back to my childhood. My dad had his own space heater. I was always fascinated with dad’s HVAC system. The reason is probably because our house was always ice cold. We lived in an area that seemed to have more winter than any other season. It was probably winter half of the year. So I always loved my dad’s area heater, because it made the home feel so much more comfortable. When I grew up, I always wanted to have my own portable furnace, to be specific, a space heater, but when I moved in with my roommate, they had a fear of space heaters due to a fire one caused in their home. So I decided to wait even longer before getting my own personal heating unit. But at least I had the central cooling and heating system in our place, so it wasn’t like I was going without HVAC. Finally, when I moved in with my girlfriend, did I get the opportunity to get myself a space heating component. I actually had one on my wishlist on a HVAC business website, and I was planning on buying later that day. However, my girlfriend beat me to it, and she bought me one the same day. I felt like a kid again, I turned on the heater and with glee I danced around our home. Finally! A heating device for me at last!

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Heater price was discounted due to damaged box

I don’t understand some people’s logic.

You see, this morning I was at the heating and cooling store.

I was there because I was out of my HEPA air filters, and I was there to pick up some more. While I was there checking out my air filters, I noticed there was a box behind the HVAC representative. When I asked about the box, the HVAC worker told me that it was a return of a space heater because the box was damaged. The price was discounted and was going to be returned to the shelf soon. I saw an opportunity and I pounced. I asked if I could go ahead and buy it at the discounted price. The guy said he hadn’t put the space furnace in their system yet, but he could probably get it approved by the manager. Sure enough, the manager was able to approve of the transaction, and just like that, I had myself a brand new area heater. While I was driving home, I couldn’t believe someone would return a heating unit because of a damaged box, or really any item that has a damaged box. Who cares about the box? You are going to throw it away anyways. When I arrived home, I took the heating component out of the box and turned it on. The heating machine immediately turned on and started working perfectly, it made the entire room I was in nice and toasty warm. I still can’t believe someone gave up a perfectly good heating device, all because they didn’t like the box.

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Air conditioning special was going on

When I received the email detailing the heating and cooling special taking place at the HVAC corporation, I had to click fast.

  • HVAC equipment, as most people would know, is usually very expensive, so if they were having a sale on A/C technology, I wanted to take advantage of it.

To my disappointment, they weren’t having a sale on actual heating and A/C machines, they were having a sale on annual A/C maintenance. This was incredibly disappointing to me, because I have been wanting to upgrade my cooling component for a long time now. But with their prices being so high, I knew I would have to wait until they were having a discount of some kind. I knew I could wait as long as I wanted, because my current heating and air conditioning device was still in good working condition. But it was a central HVAC system, and I was looking for something a little more environmentally friendly, as well as getting a machine with a better SEER rating. However, I still could take advantage of their special, and have my current A/C component have early maintenance this year. I decided that that was what I was going to do, and I called and made an appointment with the local heating corporation. The appointment was for this Sunday, which is perfect because I don’t have any work to do then. I guess I will just have to keep checking back and waiting for the perfect HVAC sale to begin.
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With air purifier, I’m actually looking forward to spring

This is for sure the most favorite time of year for me.

That’s because I live in a region where the temperatures are great and there is plenty of sunshine all winter long.

We also don’t need much heating from the heat pump so it’s pretty nice when there’s about zero heating costs to deal with. However, as January moves into February each year, I have always been a bit anxious for the spring to get here. And it’s not so much because the temperatures rise and the air conditioning comes on. But it’s the fact that spring brings suffering to me in the form of allergy symptoms. Yet this year, I’m going into spring almost fearless when it comes to dealing with allergies. The reason for that is the fact that no matter what, I have a sanctuary now inside the central air conditioning of my home. This is a first for me and I think it’s going to be amazing. My allergies are so bad that I still suffer with them inside my house. But this year, I have a new tool in my tool belt when it comes to dealing with allergy symptoms. We had a whole home air purification system installed this fall. The main reason we did that was to improve the indoor air quality and improve our overall health. But we also wanted to combat the stinky air that we can get since we have a bunch of pets. This sort of air purifier is the kind actually destroys airborne contaminants of all kinds, in all of the house. That means the air purifier takes care of the pollen as well. I have to say that I’m enjoying actually looking forward to the coming spring.

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The furnace was torn up when I was at the doctor the other day

Whenever I had to go to the doctor the other day to get some tests run, the furnace system was torn up.

It was freezing cold in the doctor’s office and in the waiting room, too.

The temperature was really cold outside that day and if I remember correctly, the snow was starting to come down more and more the whole time that I was there. The weather had been cooling down a whole lot and I was getting sick. I thought that I was probably coming down with the flu or with some kind of a sinus infection and that’s why I was at the doctor in the first place. I was expecting to go there to feel better, but I ended up feeling even worse because it was so cold in the waiting room. The nurse who did my intake assessment told me that they had been having lots of problems with the heating and cooling system in the office building. Apparently, they had already called up the commercial HVAC company who services the building but they had not arrived yet to get any work done. I had to leave my big puffy winter coat on the whole time that I was waiting there. I couldn’t wait to get back to the exam room because I thought that the heating system would be working back there. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t working anywhere in the entire building and I left the doctor’s office feeling worse than I did when I went in there! I hope they get it fixed soon.



Living with chronic cold feet is hard to do

Living with chronic cold feet is really hard to do sometimes.

  • I know that it sounds like a silly condition to have to deal with, but I have had strangely cold feet ever since I was a kid.

I’m always wearing double and even triple pairs of socks, warm slippers, and fuzzy boots. I always try to keep my feet warm, but it’s one of those things that is always plaguing me. That’s especially true during the winter when the temperature outside is really cold. I hate the way it feels whenever my feet are too cold and so does my husband. He’s always yelling at me for scaring him when I put my cold feet on him in the middle of the night! We have even gotten into fights about it before. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. Anyway, we finally decided that we were really going to have to do something about the cold feet problem that I was having and I decided that I was going to have to call the local HVAC company to see if they had any advice for us. I figured that if anyone had some good ideas or pieces of advice to offer, it would be a heating and cooling professional. I was right, too. The HVAC technician that I talked to on the phone suggested that we install something called radiant heated flooring in our house, or at least in part of the house. I think that once we finally get it installed in the master bedroom, the bathrooms, and the kitchen, we will both be much happier.

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I married an HVAC technician

About five years ago, I married an HVAC technician.

This wasn’t really in my life plan, to tell you the truth.

I actually thought that I was going to end up marrying a really rich guy that I went to college with, but it just didn’t work out for me that way. I was well on my way to getting married to my rich college boyfriend, but then one day the heating system in my college apartment stopped working and that’s when I realized that my life was about to change forever. Whenever I called the local HVAC company to have them come over and check out the heating system, they sent over literally the cutest guy that I had ever seen. Not only was the HVAC technician super cute, but he was also really well spoken and super smart about heating and cooling technology. I was really attracted to him right away and I ended up talking to him for over an hour after he finished up with the heating system repair in the apartment. We ended up talking on the phone that night too and by the time the morning came, I knew that I was going to have to break up with my college boyfriend because this guy was the one for me. I realized that I was definitely going to end up with the HVAC technician and we started dating right away. We dated for a couple of years and then we ended up getting married five years ago. It’s not exactly what I planned for my life, but we have been very happy!

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I had terrible allergy issues back in the summer

Back in the summer, I had terrible allergy issues.

I actually had worse allergies this year than I have ever had before, at least what I can remember.

I know that it’s a regular thing for me to have problems with my allergies during the summer, but I had ever had so many problems before. I sneezed all the time and I had a nearly constant hacking cough all the time during the months of July and August. It was truly a terrible summer for me because of all of the pollen that I was having to deal with. Even my allergy medications that I got from my allergy doctor didn’t do anything to help it! Anyway, I finally gave up and went back to the doctor to see if he could help me at all. He said that he did not have any other kind of allergy meds to give me, but he did have an interesting suggestion for me. He said that he wanted me to call up our local HVAC company to see if we could get our ductwork cleaned professionally. He seemed to think that if we got the ductwork professionally cleaned that it would help with my breathing troubles. He also said that the best thing for us to do to improve our indoor air quality was to have a whole home air purification system installed. I guess air purification systems, when run at the same time with your heating and cooling system, can really make your indoor air quality better and help with your allergies.

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