Time for some natural climate control

I heard that my bandmate is even more depressed than normal, which is not a good thing because he is normally feeling really low most of the time.

I think he is down because our band has not played in weeks and he is feeling kind of lost just like I have been feeling lately.

We normally play a couple times a week, but he has been traveling and we haven’t had the chance to play at all and I think it has got us both feeling a bit down. The summer is coming and the local businesses will be packed with people sitting in the air conditioned bars and that will be the perfect opportunity to play and maybe even make a bit of cash. I don’t want to beg for money like my bandmate is used to doing, so I may tell him to go beg and play alone, and we can play together afterwards just for fun. I don’t need money from music because my HVAC tech job pays me well and I also make money teaching the local contractor how to play ball. I have another student for yoga and I also do some other work online that pays for my food for the month. I work for the heating supplier a few hours a week and I have all of my bills covered and can even save some money each month for that HVAC system that we will be buying soon. I like having a couple income streams so it is less pressure if I lost one of them.

HVAC maintenance

Seven minutes of cooling equipment

I will knock out this article and then get out for a bit to rest my eyes that feel like they are crossing from looking at the screen too much.

I am going to try to start typing with my eyes closed and if I can master that then I think my eyes will never bother me again while I am working.

I normally look at the words when I type, but I don’t think that is necessary and that I can type with closed eyes and still get the work done. I may type slower but my a/c system is keeping me cool and comfy, so if it takes a bit longer to write the HVAC technology articles while saving my eyes then it is worth it. There is no rush to get the work done because I have all day to do it, and saving my eyes from the strain is probably a great investment for my health. My heating rep types all of the time without looking at the screen while she looks at HVAC system writing work. I’m not sure that I can do that, but I think I could close my eyes and type just fine without making any mistakes. The local business near me does a lot of typing too but they also do voice typing, which is something I could look into after hearing how well it works from my heating supplier. Once I finish my work for the day I am going to do a long meditation and a yoga session and be done for the day.

air conditioning business

Halfway through ductwork repair

The weather is really nice this morning and I am torn between playing music and playing beach volleyball.

I can’t do both because they take too much out of me, so I need to decide if I am going to do one and get going on it.

We actually won’t start playing ball for a few more hours, and if we play music that won’t be till later in the afternoon when the sun is sinking low. I am leaning towards just chilling in the sand and relaxing while I watch other people play ball because lifting HVAC systems all week last week at the heating dealership has left me with a sore lower back. I am going to do a cold water soak for 15 minutes for my lower back to see if it helps loosen it up, but if that doesn’t work then I will buy some cold gel at the local business and give that a shot. It usually gets better after a few days of rest, but this time the pain seems to be a bit more stubborn so I will have to find another remedy. The HVAC rep has some good gel that helps with pain like this and if I can’t find any at the store then I will go to the cooling corp later and borrow a little bit. I think tomorrow I will order some online so that I have it in case my back pain flares up again in the near future. I have to lift some mini split a/c units this week so I need it to be better.
energy saving tips

Slept well with an air purifying system

I slept well last night, going to bed by 11pm on a Saturday night. I used to be out all the time at night going to clubs and bars, but I grew tired of the scene and now find myself in bed before the time I would normally be just going out for the night. I think it is a lot better for my health to go to bed early, and I like the mornings so I can’t stay out late and get up early. I have a lot of friends that still go to the bars and local businesses till late in the night, but a lot of them have aged a lot too. I like to run my little air purifying device next to my bed for white noise and to give me good air quality when I sleep. Last night I slept really well, not waking up till after 10 in the morning. I will do my HVAC system work for a couple of hours today and then go find some friends and sit in the sun. We may play some games later or we may even end up singing music and playing our instruments on the streets if we feel inclined to do so. This new contractor has us play on Sunday nights when the weather is good next to this outside fireplace, and we have a lot of fun making up new songs and singing for the happy audience. This winter will be a nice one and I think it will be a busy season too.

air conditioning provider

Ten cooling systems to look at

I split my workday up into two parts; one hour in the morning and then another hour or so in the afternoon after I have taken my swim and bike ride around town.

It works well this way and it gives my eyes a chance to rest without causing too much strain on them from the computer screen.

After I finish my work I listen to my Spanish podcast for an hour and do yoga at the same time. I listen every day to an hour or more of Spanish podcasts to help me learn the language while my air purifier takes care of the air quality in this flat. Some days I will listen to three hours of podcasts and I figure if I keep this up for another six months I will have a really good grasp of the spoken language. I take classes at this local business too and I think that the new contractor running the place is doing a great job of teaching people the language. I want to learn it so I am not left out in the cold with all of the conversations my friends are having after we play our ball games. My heating rep also helps me learn the language when we meet up at the HVAC company in the morning before the place opens. I have some good friends here but I really miss my family and friends back home. I plan on going home to work for the HVAC dealer for a few months and visit my family and friends.



Cooling corporation

Heavy heating equipment lifting

Now I know why my lower back is hurting.

I thought it was from stress, because the past few weeks I have found my mind worrying about things that really shouldn’t matter in the long run.

Today I will work on clearing out those thoughts and relaxing my mind so my lower back can relax and stop bothering me. Normally my lower back never hurts because I do yoga every day and keep my body loose. But I think this is from stress, so I am going to do some yoga for my brain and get it to chill. HVAC repairs are on the roster for the coming week and I need to have my lower back well so I can lift up the heating and cooling equipment. This is how I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago and now it is tight and sore, but if I chill out and relax it should loosen up soon and stop hurting me. I will go to the local business and get some pain relieving gel and use that, along with an ibuprofen, and I should be good to go for the rest of the day. I would like to play some ball today if it isn’t too windy out like it was yesterday. I will do some furnace repairs next week and I need my lower back to be strong because I will be lifting some pretty heavy heating devices up some stairs for a job for a customer. I think today if I rest and don’t play ball I will be good by tomorrow.


furnace/heater repair

Writing about space heaters

I pretty much just had Sundays free, but I was so tired from the long workweek that I would spend most of the day in bed recovering

I think of my life now compared to 25 years ago and it is a bit different. I am now living overseas and working part time writing these articles and speaking Spanish most of the time to talk to people. That is a bit different than when I was working 50 and hours a week as an engineer in the Valley in Cali. Life can take you places that you never would have imagined, which is one of the cool things about life because you never know what treat is waiting around the corner. I now work as a heating technician for this local contractor, doing mainly space heater repairs in homes for the local customers. I work about 15 hours a week, and compared to the 55 hour workweeks it feels like I am on a permanent holiday. It can get a bit mundane writing about air purifiers and smart thermostats, but I’ll take that anytime over rush hour bumper to bumper traffic and a long ten hour workday. I used to get home at 7pm and was totally wiped out from work, pretty much just eating dinner and watching some TV before going to bed. I worked for an HVAC manufacturing company and we had a lot of meetings and reports and I would find myself working on cooling equipment on Saturdays for the business too. I pretty much just had Sundays free, but I was so tired from the long workweek that I would spend most of the day in bed recovering. Anyway, time to clean the HEPA filter and shove off.


HVAC worker

An easy day of heating supplier work

Today is Sunday and I am going to slow it down a bit.

I will do my work online over the next couple of hours and then I am going to have a relaxing day on the beach.

It may end up a bit more on the sporty side if all of the players come out with their nets, but either way, I will have an enjoyable day in the end. I want to talk to my bandmate and get our practicing going again after a few week hiatus we took. He went to the mountains to find peace, a fireplace, and the answers to some questions that have been bothering him. I stayed home and worked on my hot water heater, which was the answer I was looking for. Now we are all set again in this flat and hopefully good to go for another few years before anything else breaks. The HVAC system is quite new and I keep it well cleaned, along with a scheduled ductwork cleaning from the local contractor. My life is quite simple and streamlined and I bet I do about one hour of chores per week in this place, the rest my robot vacuum cleaner and roommate do. I basically keep the heating and a/c system cleaned and she takes care of the rest, which is very little because we both are minimalists and have very little to clean and take care of. My shopping is done once a week and takes about 30 minutes to do in the air conditioned local business three minutes away.


air conditioning business

Sunday is a/c system rest day

Hopefully I can do it without needing to drain the whole propane heater and then it will be an easy fix

Waking up on a Sunday is taking a bit longer today as my lower back has been sore for a week or so. I think it may be from stress, but what stress do I have anyway? I have very little responsibilities, just two cats and a part time job, yet my mind likes to stress about anything it can find. Well, it’s not that bad, but for some reason my lower back hurts and usually that means something is bothering me. Maybe it is that our band hasn’t played in a couple of weeks, or maybe it’s my heating device that broke down but just got fixed by the HVAC tech two days ago. We went without hot water for a long time and that was a bit stressful in itself, but that is fixed now. I fixed the water heater myself and now it works great except for a really slow leak from one of the connections, which I will try to fix myself seeing I am a certified HVAC expert. I need to turn off the water supply again and loosen the connection where it is leaking and add some more teflon tape to the threads. Hopefully I can do it without needing to drain the whole propane heater and then it will be an easy fix. If I have to drain the tank then I can fully disconnect the place where it is slightly leaking and wrap it up well with teflon tape, then the HVAC system should be totally fine and no more leaks. Let’s see what happens.



temperature control

Fixing the heating element in the heater

I was talking about how we just went six weeks without any hot water in the flat.

Doing laundry with cold water isn’t too much of a problem, but taking a cold shower after coming home from the cold beach evening is not a fun thing.

The cold water from the shower really jolts you and wakes you up, which is not what I am looking for in a shower before bedtime. But anyway, we now have hot water and life is good again. I have to fix a very slow leak though and will need to drain the hot water heater tank to do it. I will have to put some more teflon tape on the fixture so that the water doesn’t keep dripping from the connection. I think I can do it without the help of my HVAC specialist friend at the local business, but if I need some help she will be here in a blink to help us do the job. I worked with her for a few years and we stayed friends after all of these years and she helps us when we are in a pinch. I think that the heating device I bought for the hot water is a good one and I think it will last us as long as we stay in this flat. I’d like to stay here for another five years and then move to the top floor of a building so we can have a big terrace and watch the stars at night. It should be a good time with a rooftop terrace.

gas heater