Work and pleasure hardly ever mix

Many people have been severely challenged over lots of months.

During this past year, a lot of things of entirely been terrible.

Unfortunately we’re only a few months into the year and there are surprising increases every multiple weeks and many of those things would make your head spin. I don’t actually believe that these humans are adapted for staying inside and being quarantined away from social contacts. It’s entirely terrible to live alone but I don’t mind at all to be bored and I am not the neurotic person that was Shuffle around worrying about background noise. It’s always been quite challenging for myself and others to be around roommates and I don’t mind being coordinated and self isolated. One of my roommates is completely different. The guy works on the heating, ventilation, and ac service industry. He has a lot of knowledge on heating, ventilation, and AC Services. He fiddles around with many of the air quality components. There are even sometimes when he will give us some information and try to talk to us about the ductwork. There are moments when he will ask us to look into the ductwork and tell him if he can hear his voice. He’s constantly checking things around our apartment and at time it seems like I’d rather he that keeps that work at work. It’s nice to have an energy bill that is low and not very high and I love to save money on the heating, ventilation, and AC bills, but sometimes the guy is just over the top.


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