Who can handle wedding invites?

My soon to be husband and I are entirely excited to be planning our wedding. We have the venue, the dress, the flowers, the band, the cake, the shoes, we are on top of it. What we are looking for now, though, is a reliable, affordable printing business for our invitations. We are somewhat new to the area. We graduated from the school just outside of town and found jobs here. So my husband and I do not know which printing service is the best printing business for our wedding invitations. All of the printing services have great reviews on social media, although I was hoping for some personal perspectives on the printing services around here. Which of the printing services offers wedding invitations? Which printing services have the best prices for what you get? Which printing services have the largest variety of choices? Which printing repair has the best staff? Questions like this are hard to answer with a quick google search. I’m hoping to find a printing service with a fine rate. My husband and I are willing to pay a little more for the perfect invitations. We want a nice staff member working with us on the invites too. We don’t want our wedding invitations to look just like everyone else’s. It is hard locating the right business in town. It is difficult knowing who gives off quality work without actually ordering some invitations online. By then though, I would be stuck with that invite and need to use it.



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