Tinting windows since I didn't want to cover them

I really hate covering windows.

I believe like windows are just beautiful. I like the shape & the look they supply to a house. My dining room has giant windows that face our front porch. I love looking out at them & seeing our gardens, our guys playing outside & if there is a delivery man coming. My fiance told me that we needed to get blinds or curtains for privacy. He didn’t want people seeing us watch TV, eat dinner or just walk around in the house. The venuement of windows made us even simple to see from the road. I hate that all blinds are cheap plastic that eventually deteriorate. They are difficult to operate & collect dust. I didn’t want to install rods & hang curtains too. A curtain would totally cover the window & I would lose our view. I did some research online & found that I can do window tinting upgrade & solve all our privacy issues. You can get a slight shade of color added to your windows. From the outside, you can only see the color. Inside of the house you are looking out a clear window. I was surprised by the world of window tinting. There are all sorts of colors & motion pictures that can offer protection against breakage & UV rays. I choose to have our dining room windows tinted with a slight yellow hue. It looks fabulous when you are outside the house. It gives our house a subtle splash of color & I can still have our view.


Decorative Window Film Install