Time to warm up

I live in the south for now.

It is ridiculous sizzling and humid here, and all of us use the air conditioning system about many weeks out of the year, I would guess.

So when I was a kid, a entirely young kid, I lived in the northeast. I am pretty positive that there was no such thing as air conditioning system in that neck of the woods, but the people I was with and I lived in a fairly affluent area, and I don’t remember anyone ever talking about air conditioning system in the summer season. Of course, back in those afternoons, men didn’t pay attention to heating and cooling. I’m positive my university didn’t have cooling system either. Try to have a university with air conditioning system nowadays, and you will have a thousand whining boys on your hands. So all of us thought nothing of it. Anyway, there is a single thing I remember about heating the new home back in those afternoons. At the time we had a furnace with radiators. The reason I remember that is because I would go outside and play in the snow, and when I came back inside, my mom would tell myself and others to put my mittens on the radiator to dry. Then, when it was time to go outside again, I would pick up those nice warm, dry mittens and back out to building snowmen and moving quickly down the hill. My mom eventually moved us boys down to the southeastern area of the country, so no more snow and no more mittens and no more gigantic heating bill for my mom. The people I was with and I traded in the heating for air conditioning system, even though I paid no attention to the cooling system. My mom provided myself and others a good childhood, despite the fact that my dad had died when I was just a toddler.

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