The warranty doesn't cover everything?

My wife and I decided to buy a portable air conditioner for the garage.

We often spend a lot of time in the garage working on arts and crafts and woodworking projects. We don’t keep the cars inside the garage so we have a lot of space for our leisure activities. I love to carved statues out of wood and I prefer to chisel a parrot, bear, lion, or a shark. My wife prefers to paint or use the sewing machine. Over the last several years, the outdoor humidity and heat have been increasing and the outdoor garage space is becoming uncomfortable. My wife and I decided to buy a portable air conditioner to keep in the garage. We only use the air conditioner when we are outside in the space, but it works extremely well. As soon as the air conditioner comes on, you can feel cool air and relief. My wife and I purchased the portable air conditioner online and we paid $29 extra for the two-year replacement warranty. When we tried to use the warranty this week, the company gave us a hard time and refused to help. The portable air conditioner has a hose to help vent the warm air away from the machine. The hose developed a crack in just a few weeks. My wife wanted them to replace the hose which was probably a few dollars. The company didn’t want to honor the warranty, which should have replaced the hose with no problem. My wife had to threaten to call a lawyer before they sent the replacement part to our home.

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