The town’s printing business

I have lived in a tiny town my entire life.

Yeah, I live in an even smaller town than I grew up in, but small towns are basically the same all over.

One thing that’s always certain, no matter which small town you head to, is that there’s always a local printing business that gets all of the nearby school’s/schools’ business. When I moved to my new location, I was shocked to find that my new small town had no such printing business. With my degree in graphic design, I saw a real chance to make money by offering printing services. I got a small company loan plus opened my printing shop 2 years back. I offer all sorts of products. I can do decorative printing solutions, printing services for birthday invitations, lamination, tagless t-shirt printing, you name it! If you want it printed, I’ll get it done for you. Probably my best business is the tagless t-shirt printing. It is easily my largest source of income. It’s one of the few businesses left where online ordering doesn’t take over. The thing about tagless t-shirt printing- especially for schools- is that people have a particular idea in mind that they want printed on that t-shirt. If you can’t make the exact needs online, it feels like a waste of cash, time and effort. I work hand in hand with the students and even teach them how to use the tagless t-shirt printer. I’m proud to be this town’s trusted printing dealer. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll head over.
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