The electric bill is skyrocketing and it has to be the furnace

I received a new electric bill in the mail on Thursday and I was shocked. I didn’t expect to see such a high amount of money due on the bill. My wife and I usually spend about $200 every month for our electricity. Even during the middle of the winter season, we still rarely hit $300. I was surprised when the electric bill came on Thursday and the amount due was close to $500. I couldn’t believe the electric bill was so high and my first thought was the furnace. The furnace is 8 years old and it is no longer energy-efficient. It was a great model when we purchased the furnace 8 years ago. Unfortunately, technology constantly changes and the HVAC business is no different. Last time I had a full tune-up performed on the furnace, the heating technician told me that it was time to start thinking about a new furnace. Now that I see this month’s electric bill, I know the time is near. I’ve been looking online at different types of furnaces. I’ve had an electric furnace for a long time, but I wonder if it might be cheaper to switch to propane or gas. I’m going to take my time while I look for a new heater. I have an appointment scheduled for next week and my wife and I are going to talk to the HVAC contractor about our options. We are probably going to spend five or six thousand dollars to update the heating and AC equipment. It would be nice if they offer some kind of package special so we can get everything done at once.


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